The Vault – Filled with Sinister Secrets | KT Review

What would you do to save your sibling?

Would you rob a bank? Would you go down to the creepy basement in the bank and open the private, no one ever goes there, full of money, vault? even after you hear the story about the ghosts? The Vault was way better than I was expecting.

You’re gonna wanna pay attention in case you miss something. Like when the first ghost shows up. It’s pretty difficult to spot. But after that, they come thick and fast. So make sure all of your other devices are turned off. Your snacks and drinks are at hand. And you’re not watching at the time of day when someone might just turn up randomly and knock on your door.

The Vault

When three siblings attempt to rob a bank things take an unnerving turn when they go down to the old vault. Its supposed to hold all the money but what it really contains are the sinister secrets of the long dead.

Starring James Franco (The Duece, 11.22.63)Scott Haze (Only the Brave, The Institute)Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black, #Horror), Francesca Eastwood (Outlaws and Angels, Heroes Reborn), Q’orianka Kilcher (The Alienist, Sons of Anarchy), and Jeff Gum (New Girl, The Forgiven).   

The Vault

The Vault Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Yup, it’s a good one. It sets it up well and it takes you down to the basement. You might get the money, but you’re certainly not going to keep it.

4.5 stars 

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