Preacher | Fear the Walking Dead | Twin Peaks | May Roundup

May Roundup

I was sad to see Persons of Interest and Grimm come to an end but May has brought us a lot of new shows. With Preacher, Fear the Walking Dead, and Twin Peaks -to name but a few- we have a lot of shows to keep us entertained well into June.


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TV Land: Sense8, Lucifer, Twin Peaks, & American Gods

There’s a lot started and a few things still to start this month (as of this writing). I’ve already watched Sense8 and am loving American Gods and Lucifer (who doesn’t?).

  • American Gods – 1st May Amazon Prime (new episodes every Monday)
  • Lucifer – Season 2c – 2nd May Amazon Prime (new epsiode every Tuesday)
  • Sense8 – Season 2 – 5th May Netflix (entire season)
  • Jamestown – 5th May Sky One
  • Twin Peaks – Season 3 – 22nd May Sky Atlantic
  • Fear the Walking Dead – Season 2 – 22nd May Amazon Prime
  • 12 Monkeys – Season 3 – 26th May SyFy
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – 28th May Channel 4
  • House of Cards – Season 5 – 30th May Netflix
  • Fargo – Season 3 – 31st May Channel 4
  • Animal Kingdom – Season 2 – 31st May Amazon Prime

Twin Peaks – Sky Atlantic

For those of you who haven’t seen all of the original series it is available in Sky box sets and on NowTV. The initial viewer ratings for Twin Peaks weren’t, apparently, as high as they’d hoped and it hasn’t had the best reviews. But maybe it will pick up.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Channel 4

I’m intrigued by this one. It always interesting to see what others imagine the future could look like in the aftermath of certain events.

Movie Land: Alien, Colossal, King Arthur

  • Alien: Covenant – May 12th
  • Colossal – 19th May
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – 26th May
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – 19th May

Alien: Covenant

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Upcoming for June:

Not so many horror movies coming out this month it would seem. Not for us at least. A number of upcoming horror, thriller, and Sci-fi movies are set for limited release this month, which generally means they’re being released in the U.S. first and we’ll get them in a few months. Eugh.

Movies for June:

  • The Mummy – 9th June
  • Despicable Me 3 – 30th June

Also in the UK on TV:

  • Cardinal – 3rd June BBC4
  • Shots FIred – 4th June Fox
  • Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3 – 5th June AMC Global
  • Shadow Hunters – Season 2b – 6th June Netflix
  • The Ranch – Season 3 – 16th June Netflix
  • Preacher – Season 2 – 26th June Amazon Prime
  • Gypsy – 30th June Netflix

With old favourites and intriguing new shows there’s a lot to watch over the next couple of months. Which ones will you be watching?

Twin Peaks

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