The Diabolical | KT Review | Starring Ari Larter & Arjun Gupta

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The Diabolical is the story of a single mother living in a possessed house. Strange things keep happening and eventually she convinces her scientist boyfriend to investigate. Starring Ari Larter, Arjun Gupta, and Patrick Fischler.

I put this on not expecting great things. Whilst the trailer looks good the reviews don’t tell the same story. And in all honesty I wasn’t hugely impressed.

There are a lot of story-lines in the mix, but they’re all kind of vague. No one story seemed to be the main one. And whilst there are some great scenes, well acted and intense, the conversations could be unrealistic at times. It just sort of kept going…

But if you ever wanted to know how to make weapons out of the things in your house these guys have got it down pat.

The Diabolical

The Diabolical Review Conclusion

No, I don’t think I’ll be watching this again – Barely made it through the first time! There was no real main story to grasp onto but there were some great scenes. Look, just take my word for it, it had potential but didn’t live up to it. Not sure it even tried. Go watch something else, go watch anything else.

2 stars 

In fact, I think you should go read a book. Maybe my book. There’s a link below. The Soul Game. There’s a story and everything.

Did you see there’s new episode of Sense8 coming? That’s a good show – on Netflix.

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