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We’ve all heard of the house built to confuse and trap ghosts. After the death of her husband, Sarah Winchester moved to California, bought a farmhouse, and began construction. The property that would continue to be remodelled to her specifications until  September 5th 1922 when Sarah passed on. And you can still visit the house today and take a tour.

Winchester on Netflix

Sarah Winchester is an eccentric firearms heiress living in her ever-changing mansion in California. Rooms built and changed, boarded up and unusual in their layout. A home she believes is haunted by the souls of those who met their ends via a Winchester rifle.  When a doctor is sent to assess her sanity, the house slowly begins to reveal it’s secrets to him.

Starring Helen Mirren (Red, Hitchcock), Sarah Snook (Black Mirror, Steve Jobs), Finn Scicluna-O’Prey (Hideaway, The Secret River), Jason Clarke (Mudbound, Terminator Genisys), Emma Wiseman (Celeste, The Pitch), and Tyler Coppin (Predestination, Hacksaw Ridge).


Winchester Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – I was expecting a let down of a movie, what with all the negative posts I’d seen about it. And I have to say I rather enjoyed it as a result – so thank you to all those who posted about not enjoying it.

The jumps begin fairly early, which was a surprise. And the deeper he got into the house and it’s history, the deeper you got watching. Areas you’re bound to have seen in other shows give you a sense of familiarity whilst room by room, hallway by hallway, you’re taken into new rooms. You meet peculiar characters, workmen and staff loyal to Sarah, who keep quiet about their experiences in the house. Those on the edge of belief, and Sarah herself as she explains -piece by piece- how she interacts with the spirits and why she builds these rooms.

A really fun watch. Lots of detail, great characters, and unexpected twists.

4.5 Stars

Turn the lights down low, or light a few candles. It doesn’t matter what you choose to eat or drink, you’ll barely notice it. You won’t be afraid to go to the loo alone but you might have a few peculiar dreams. 

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