The Wheel of Heaven -Just how deranged are you? | KT Review

Do you remember The Blood of the Dinosaurs? Well, that was the prequel to The Wheel of Heaven and I’m the lucky gal who is gonna get to review the first episode. Yup, it’s a whole series. And you know it’s all for deranged adults only, right? So, if you ain’t a deranged adult you should probably just move along now, because I know this is about to get weird and I’m not sure your delicate sensibilities can take the strange that flows from the screen.

The multi-layered first episode of The Wheel of Heaven is an entertaining, engrossing, mind bending story with hints of Christmas.

**Warning: There are probably spoilers ahead**

The Wheel of Heaven still -a man in a coffin facing a man in a hooded cloak

A woman caught up in predatory relationships is thrown into a multi-layered world of choices after she discovers a mystical book in a thrift store.

IMDb: The Wheel of Heaven

Starring Cami Roebuck (The Purge, The 12 Sacred Moons), Jeff Pearson (Filthy Rich, The Demonologist), Nadia Eiler (22-The Unforgotten Soldier, Foxglove Candy), Miles Hendler (Bill & Ted Face the Music, Sister Tempest), Brian Plaideau (Bill & Ted Face the Music, Toxic America), Tiffany Christy (Deep Water, The Wilderness Road), Kali Russell (The Blood of the Dinosaurs, Dvrker: Infinity Room), Jason Edward Johnson (The God Inside My Ear, Sister Tempest), and Andre LaSalle (The God Inside My Ear, Sister Tempest).

The Wheel of Heaven Review Conclusion

More, you say! Yes, please: Wow, that was something else. Completely engrossed for the duration and I really only have one question, what happens next? With a nod to Christmas and some fascinating splicing (I’m calling it splicing, not entirely sure how else to describe it), you’re led on a strange but compelling journey. It’s definitely weird but in a somewhat contained way, deliberate chaos -am I making any kind of sense here? It kind of feels like the conversations you have when you totally connect with someone who is on the same level of weird as you and you’re both just following the path the first strange idea sent you down and anticipating the brilliant place you’re bound to end up. And it’s one of those things you just can’t quite stop thinking about. And yet somehow not as deranged as I was expecting.

Rating: 5 out of 5.