The Last Voyage of the Demeter | KT Review

Well, you knew I’d review The Last Voyage of the Demeter eventually, didn’t you? How could I resist a Dracula movie 🍿 -even if the whole movie is only one tiny part of the story?

So many great actors in this one, so many familiar faces. Where to start!?! With Corey Hawkins perhaps, eager to board the ship as Clemens, you may know them from 6 Underground. Then there’s the ever familiar Liam Cunningham as Captain Elliot, who we know isn’t unfamiliar with ships after his role in Game of Thrones. And we must not forget Dracula himself, played by the brilliant Javier Botet whose work you will be familiar with from The Conjuring 2 (he played The Crooked Man 😉). Aisling Franciosi, who you may recognise from The Unforgivable, plays Anna as the stowaway.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter Review Conclusion

A boat without rats, such a thing is against nature.

-The Last Voyage of the Demeter-

What was funny, was seeing an almost exact Noctisbellum logo on the crates! But I suppose it’s an obvious logo for the Count -although it was more likely to be called a family crest back then.

This movie is dark and atmospheric, drawing you in as smoothly as the bow splits the ocean. The drama as unsettling as the stormy skies. And there’s this moment of build up, a series of shots that begin to put you on edge. A warning, if you like, of what is about to happen.

Whilst Dracula bears a slight resemblance to Golem in one particular moment, which almost detracts from the awe he could have induced, his appearance is very Nosferatu and creepy in its motion. Compelling you to lean in and watch closely as you catch glimpses of the creature before you.

And there’s this kid on board…