Free Short Scripts -this might be a crazy idea | KT Blog

Whilst scrolling for monologues on the internet (to attempt), I discovered some sites had provided unique pieces for actors to use, and it made me wonder. Would people be interested in short, free-to-use scripts written by a largely unknown writer that they could film for reels or social media, etc.? I’m sure someone is already doing this somewhere out there and I haven’t come across it yet, and it may be a total stab in the dark, but if you don’t ask, you never get, right?

I’ll name each script, tell you how many locations, how many people, and how many pages, with the logline and summary. (What else do you need to know?) And provide the script as a download on a static page on this site. I fully intend to add more regularly. But if you do use one, it would be great if you could credit me for the script and tag me @AuthorKTMcQueen or @KateTrinity in your social media posts, so I can see how you’ve interpreted it.

Because as a writer, social media content suggestions seem a little too out-of-the-box to suit (how many writers do you need to watch typing for the behind-the-scenes shots?). And more than likely would attract other writers trying to do the same thing (or to laugh at my bad acting when I try to film them myself). I’ve only just got comfortable on camera, and my only acting experience is from a drama club when I was at school -waaaaaaay back in the day! And, yup, Ed Solomon did say (not in drama club, this was on Twitter) that writers should take an acting class to improve their dialogue, but that’s not so easy over here, there aren’t too many places to make that happen. So, for now, I have no intention of filming my own shorts, but I hope that by watching others bring them to life, I can learn from them.

And I would love to see people with the skills to bring them to life, do so. I know it’s a big ask and a small offer. But I’m hoping it provides original content actors and filmmakers (and those that want to be) can use for reels, social media, and practice. And a super giddy moment for me when I see the outcome!

So, if you fancy giving it a go, keep an eye out for the Free To Use Scripts page in the menu, I’ll put it under the scripts tab. They won’t all be super dramatic. In fact, many will be simple and easy to do using locations you already have access to. Whilst others may take a little more thought. And writing a whole bunch of shorts will help me improve not only my script writing but also writing loglines and summaries that grab attention.