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Written by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker, Dracul is the tale of how Bram Stoker’s Dracula came to be. With Bram’s extensive notes and collected research, the pair put together this beautiful book that takes you back to the novel you loved the first, second, and third times you read it and beyond. And personally, I think this book would make an amazing TV series – you couldn’t possibly fit it all into a movie.


Revealing the origins of Dracula and Bram Stoker, this novel introduces you to the woman that connected them and her sad story.

Locked in Whitby Abbey’s tower, the 22 year old Bram has experienced far more than most in his short years. From a debilitating illness to a cure that extended his abilities beyond those of his siblings. And now the arrival of someone who truly wants what Bram guards. As the night progresses, and Bram’s resources grow low, he attempts to keep a record of all that has happened so that others may know of the danger the man below, the monster, presents.

An un-put-down-able read that calls to you as it sits in your to-be-read-pile. For Gothic horror fans, this book cannot be ignored.

Dracul review

Dracul Review Conclusion

I will read it again – as frequently as I have read Dracula, I’m sure. This is a beautifully written work that takes you on a new journey into what Bram Stoker presented as a true story. Thoroughly engaging, it answers and offers a lot of questions and has you wanting to know more. As a result I bought the recently translated Iclandic version (on audio CD) to find out what I had missed from the original Dracula story.

And if you read the additional notes in the back (I highly recommend that you do) you can discover the exact location of Dracula’s castle. Just put the latitude and longitue in Google maps.

5 Stars

Sit curled up with a blanket, a table lamp on and the curtains closed, a hot chocolate by your side and a bag of fudge or your favourite chocs. And find a cushion to rest the book on, it’s a heavy one but you won’t want to put it down.

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