So, you wanna know about Catherine Hewitt, do ya?

Passionate Vivid Stories with Grit and Gore

Imagine a western that holds you captive whilst delivering all the twisted darkness of a good horror. Or a monster story where the world they inhabit is our own and we’ve been so involved in technological advances and scientific proof that we forgot there are still unexplained things in the world -and not all of them are good.

Western horror isn’t the biggest genre, it isn’t even the biggest sub-genre, they’re generally low budget and hard to find. But recently they’ve been rearing their elusive heads and taking a long look around. The trouble is they always lean more to one side or the other and you’re watching a regular western with more than ordinary amounts of blood and gore or a monster fest where everyone wears concho studded chaps and swaggers into saloons. What I want is a story that’s vivid, gritty, filled with dark moments and familial warmth. You know the ones, where the warm sunbeams slant through the kitchen window and across the old wood dining table to set the blood a-glistening, dust motes drift in the air and a cool breeze through the door denotes a swift departure.

If Eli Roth had never done that 15-second scare competition I would have never wondered whether I could write a screenplay

I started out writing stories, when I was a kid, and reading all the westerns I could get my hands on. I watched old westerns on the TV at the weekends and even had a Tipi in the garden instead of a Wendy house. My favourite movies starred Clint Eastwood or Alan Lad, Shane was one of my favourites -both book and movie. Of course, I was also into Tarzan and Sinbad movies, action and animals and stop motion!

But I’m not a living in the past kinda gal’ and I want new movies, new stories, and new heroes.

The story writing started out as a hobby. But then came the self-publishing wave and I hopped on it. Fantasy at first (as Kate Trinity), then horror (as K.T. McQueen), and a little Sci-Fi (as Desy Melza).

But there’s something about screenwriting that just pulls me in

It’s like a puzzle. You have a story that needs to speak to the reader (and potential audience). There are rewrites and rearranging until your hands bleed. And if that isn’t enough, writing my own scripts and entering the occasional competition, I also took on the task of turning a novel into a script for another author.

So if you’ve considered having your novel turned into a script, maybe I can help. And if you’re a filmmaker looking for a script, I’ve got plenty of them too -so long as you want horror.

Get in touch at [email protected] for scripts, About Pages, books to scripts, or website/Instagram promotions.

Need compelling content for your online presence but don’t know where to start? You definitely need Catherine, she’s a miracle worker; I would still be stumbling over my first line, with no online presence, without her.

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