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Bad Habit is K.T. McQueen’s first foray into the thriller genre, and perhaps the one you might expect from her given the number of posts on serial killers and true crimes on this blog. Exclusive to Amazon, Bad Habit is a crime thriller with a female protagonist. Her life never unfolded the way she might have wanted, and you might say she had a Bruce Wayne beginning. But you would never say it to her face.

From an early morning idea, this novel took a while to write through the initial plotting to the final draft, to creating the cover and getting up the nerve to share.

Hired by a victim’s affluent father, a conflicted fixer must make a resurfaced serial killer her prey.

A Fixer with a Past she can’t Fix | Thriller

Hired by people willing to do whatever it takes, her biggest client, Mr King, is a very rich businessman with shady connections. His daughter is the only surviving victim of the serial killer, Phi-Xi, who was never caught.

Phi-Xi, has resurfaced and Mr King wants him to pay, no matter what it takes. Which means Kayla has to investigate the same murder scenes as her police officer ex, Cosh, who is eager to catch the serial killer his dead Uncle couldn’t.

Phi-Xi, on the other hand, is living his perfect life, beautiful wife, beautiful home, cushy well paying job, and a nice hobby to keep him entertained.

As she begins to investigate Kayla starts to understand that Phi-Xi is talking to someone, if only they could work out who.
And when Kayla finally puts the pieces together she leaves the police in her wake as she rushes to do what she’s paid for before Phi-Xi vanishes again.

And free on Kindle Unlimited 🙂

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Bad Habit, Thriller Novel