Attack of the Unknown -SWAT vs Aliens | KT Review

Who had Aliens for October? Coming your way is an Alien movie with a difference and I was lucky enough to get an early encounter. Attack of the Unknown is one to see!

Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown

A SWAT team transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss must fight their way out of a county detention center during a catastrophic alien invasion.


Attack of the Unknown stars Tara Reid (American Pie, Bus Party to Hell), Robert LaSardo (The Mule, Anarchy Parlor), Richard Grieco (22 Jump Street, Desert Moon), Tania Fox (Art of the Dead, Puppet Master: Axis Termination), Jolene Andersen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Queen of the South), and Douglas Tait (Annabelle Comes Home, Hellboy).

Attack of the Unknown Review

Review Conclusion

I could watch it again: – Action filled from the get go, Attack of the Unknown doesn’t hold back. With some great music and a hefty dose of humour, it’s a story with layers and interesting characters. And then you meet the aliens…

Well, that was an unexpected little twist right before it kicks up a gear and then there’s the other stuff, man I really wanna tell you about the other stuff. But that would be wrong, it wouldn’t catch you off guard if I did. And there’s this long probey thing that gets shoved into…well, I shan’t tell you, you’ll have to watch it to find out exactly where. And the solution, well that was unexpected too.

Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown is definitely one to keep an eye out for, kept me thoroughly entertained on a rainy autumn afternoon, available in the USA and Canada from the 28th August, and on DVD in the US from the 27th October. Will update with UK release dates when I have them.

4 stars 

Attack of the Unknown

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