Arena Wars -The Only Way To Win Is To Kill | KT Review

It’s review time. Popcorn at the ready! I’ve got the latest film from the Mahal Empire (I love it when they send me their movies), and this one’s a doozy. Set in the year 2045, Arena Wars is a televised sporting event that gives criminals the chance to compete in exchange for their freedom. If you love a movie that forces characters to fight against each other, to work together and figure a way out, this movie should be on your TBW (To-Be-Watched) list.

Arena Wars Movie

In 2045 convicted criminals are given the opportunity to compete on the world’s #1 televised sporting event, Arena Wars. They must survive 7 rooms and 7 of the most vicious killers in the country. If they win, they regain their freedom.

Arena Wars, IMDb

Starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Robert LeSardo (Death Race, Nip/Tuck), John Wells (Legends & Lies, 1 Must Fall), Mercedes Peterson (Tommyknockers, Rattlers 2), and Sheri Davis (The Amityville Moon, Bermuda Island).

Arena Wars Review Conclusion

Well, hell, they brought the fight this time!: Violent, gory, bloody, and vicious. This movie gives action, style, and a twisting story that I’ve come to expect from Mahal Empire Productions. Revealing little pieces of the motive behind each character’s actions as the story progressed really kept me engaged. And why you think they’re there in the beginning often turns into something else (really trying not to give anything away here!). A really enjoyable movie, with brilliant special effects (always love those escaping gut scenes), fascinating sets, and unique characters. Definitely one to watch.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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