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Imagine a world where everyone was equal. Where your date didn’t try to scramble backwards over cinema chairs to avoid the big scary on the screen, where gore didn’t put them off their food, where you could find the perfect scary horror for a cosy evening in alone.

This is not your usual Author Blog

Although this blog is an author blog -that is, written by someone who also writes books- it’s not an author blog. You have your own life and issues and job problems, you don’t need to hear about mine as an author. This blog is filled with articles on horror, westerns, cannibals, murderers, and more.

Being in the UK we get shows after the US and have to put up with weeks and weeks of promos. It’s frustrating. You can’t stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘La La La!’ to get the internet to shut up. It isn’t going to listen. So you’ll also find reviews for those who, like me, don’t rush to the cinema every week to see the latest movies. I mean, maybe back in the day I might have gone weekly but even then we only watched one movie. Pretty sure it was cheaper too and you got refills on your drink.

I want horror movies to give me nightmares; not the person next to me -but I don’t scare easily.

I swear I’m not a crazy scientist

With two degrees, BSc Forensic Investigation and an MSc Fire & Major Incident Response, you’d think I’d be in a white coat (not the kind with buckles and extra-long sleeves) and analysing some sample or other wouldn’t you? Maybe even writing clever new detective novels? But alas, it wasn’t to be. Leaving university during a recession does not make for easy job hunting, you have to compete against your friends and people with more experience. So I figured, whilst I looked for that elusive job I’d start writing, putting some of those interesting blood splatter analysis, fire behaviour, & DNA things I’d learnt to good use. Just not in detective novels.

K.T. McQueen became an extension of Kate Trinity (fantasy) when I was approached by an Indie publisher. It was suggested that a male-sounding name would be better for a horror author and so K.T. (Kate Trinity) McQueen was born created.

Since then I’ve written several horror novels under that pen name and a ridiculous amount of informative and fun blog posts, reviews, and roundups. You’ll note that the site has a slight western feel to it & that’s because I grew up reading second-hand westerns I’d found whilst out with my grandparents. I love westerns almost as much as horror and when the two are combined well, I’m in my happy place.

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Moon began as a CryptTV/Inkshares novel competition entry, became a script when it felt more like a movie, winged its way stateside to a consultant whose notes hugely improved the story, and when the script was about as done as I could get it I entered it into its first competition and re-wrote it as a novella. With some great feedback from the beta readers. Moon is available to reviewers for free, just get in touch via the contact form on the right of the page. The script is also available to those interested in the movie side of it.

A young woman with a promise to keep. 
Another with a curse to lift. 
And a werewolf looking for a new mate.

The Trinity
  • Kate Trinity is the website and for Fantasy Books
  • K.T. McQueen was created for the Horror
  • Catherine Hewitt is the name that appears on scripts and copywriting

And they’re all me.

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