7 Haunted Western Towns -Hear the Jingle of Ghostly Spurs | KT Western

Ever seen that job advert for residents of a haunted western town, where you get to live there year round and assist with visitors. I don’t know about you but if I could have I would have. But as per usual, I’m in the wrong dang country. Still, maybe one day I’ll be able to hop on a plane and visit a few. Whether you’re hunting for ghosts or just taking in the history, these are all interesting places to visit -if you can. I’m just gonna watch them on YouTube and dream.

Just a few of America’s Haunted Western Towns

Each of these videos, I hope, will give you a feel for each place and maybe some ghostly encounters and stories too.

Bannack, Montanna

It’s been around since 1862 and named after the natives, when a huge discovery of gold was made and over time the population rose 10k, with only one route in and out it had everything a person could need from a bakery to a blacksmith.

Animas Forks, Colorado

A heck of a trek, 12 miles northeast of Silverton, Animas Forks is a well preserved mining town. The oldest building still standing on the site is the jail, and has had some reconstructive work done to ensure it’s continuation.

Ibex, Death Valley

Named after a goat, this mine was a talc mine and began in the 1930’s and lasted until about 1968. Some of the structures are still visible, climbing up three levels, but are in poor condition.

Gold Point, Nevada

A place you can go stay at and help in the preservation of the town in the process. There was mining activity on this site since 1868, beginning with a tent city where they mined silver ore, which was called Lime Point. After those miners moved on there was little activity until the late 1800s when better silver sources were discovered. But mining would be off and on in the area for many years.

Calico, California

Ghost tours are the thing to do here, a restored ghost town the site is meant to replicate the silver rush era but not all of the structures you’ll see in this town are the originals. There’s even a ghost town haunt in late October if you’re in the area. You can visit this place any time but Christmas.

St. Elmo, Colorado

The hotel here is reportedly haunted, founded in 1880 as a silver and gold mining camp this place is pretty well preserved with 43 buildings remaining. You can even rent a one room cabin if you fancy a stay, and the general store still opens each year May through September (that goes for the cabin too). Of course, there’s also the Ghost Town Guest house open June to December.

Cerro Gordo, California

Yup, this one again. Really do hope I can visit this one someday.

Have you had a spooky experience in a ghost town and would you go back again?