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I have been sooooo excited for The Kid, it didn’t really get a big UK release and I’m not sure if it made it to any of the cinemas near me. So I was super pleased when I discovered it was available on VOD through Amazon and Sky Movies.

I did spend a lot of time peering at Chris Pratt wondering if it was really him, I mean, that accent, that beard! But this movie, this western, had me from the start -I got actual Christmas giggles before I even pressed play, and it’s not even Christmas yet.

So, thank you, Mr. Vincent D’Onofrio, for making this movie, please feel free to make another. And if you’re short of a script, do let me know ūüėČ

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Escaping from their uncle was never going to be easy, but after what they did they had no choice. Was it luck that brought them into the path of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett? Travelling with the pair, getting into new trouble, and finally having to accept the inevitable to save his sister. This kid is witness to Billy the Kid’s encounter with famed lawman Pat Garrett, and he has a lot to learn from both of them.

Starring¬†Jake Schur,¬†Leila George (Mortal Engines, Animal Kingdom),¬†Chris Pratt (The Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World -they resisted the urge to tell him to dance in this one),¬† Dane DeHaan (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, A Cure for Wellness), Ethen Hawke (First Reformed, The Magnificent Seven), and Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Death Wish) as Sheriff Romero.

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The Kid Review Conclusion

Bright and dirty and unforgiving, more please! – Hell yeah! This started as it meant to go on, part way through Billy the Kid’s story and right at the beginning of Rio’s. Violent but not overdone, beautifully shot, and a story you just wanted to know the outcome of. Was the kid gonna end up a good guy or a bad guy? Horses, gunfights, posturing, and a goddammed good story.

4.5 Stars

The Kid Review

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