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Kristina Gallo is a passionate Croatian author inspired by psychology, human relationships, and the stories of those she meets. The Guy From Another League is the most recent of her books that I’ve read.

Kristina has written a number of self-help books and stories with underlying messages. Including her new horror novel I Will Kill You In My Dream which you can check out on Kindle Unlimited for free.

Review: The Guy From Another League

The guy from another league

This is a book about a girl who made the wrong choice. She fell in love with a guy who is already taken. If you must choose between dignity and passion, choose wisely. You might pity or judge her, she just did not afraid to risk.

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Review Conclusion

The guy from another leagueThe guy from another league by Kristina Gallo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great read from Kristina. Renata has a lot of guy problems, her heart is telling her one thing and her head another but which will win out in the end? Is it love or lust? Will she make the right choice or let her desires lead her back into temptation. You’ll have to read to find out.

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5 Stars

Grab a KitKat and a coffee, this is another perfect break time read.

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