Venom – We All Have Our Thing

The Official Teaser Trailer

And it could almost be one of those motivational videos, if the ending didn’t lead you to believe something bad was going to happen. Venom is Marvel’s Action, Horror, Sci-Fi movie starring Tom Hardy.

The trailer could be talking to any of us, to people we know, we all have our thing. But, it’s also talking about superheroes and supervillains. They’ve all got their thing too. The thing that made them into something different. So what is it that makes them pick to use their superpowers for good or for evil. Is it their own choice or the circumstances they’re in.

The movie promises to be full of action and darkness. And with over 5500 comments on a Reddit thread, trending on YouTube and Twitter, it’s certainly getting attention.

The Official Trailer

Unlike the teaser, this trailer has Eddie Wrestling with the symbiote.

Starring (or those we know so far anyway)
  • Tom Hardy
  • Michelle Williams
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Jenny Slate
  • Riz Ahmed
  • Scott Haze
  • Reid Scott
  • Sope Aluko
  • Michelle Lee
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Who is Venom?

Most of us know Venum from the 2007 Spiderman 3 Movie starring Toby Maguire. When a strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and changes who he is. Changing his thoughts and behaviours. Making for a much darker Spiderman/Peter Parker.

Venom first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman Comic in 1988. He is a symbiote that requires a host. Giving powers to the host. Eddie Brock is the symbiotes second host. Spiderman was his first (that we know of). Venom also bonds with Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, Lee Price, Ann Weying, Patricia Robertson, Angelo Fortunato, and Deadpool. Giving the Venom narrative plenty places to go once it’s done with Eddie.


Venom is a shapeshifter, able to shift shape, size, and colour. Become completely invisible, and create dimensional aperture pockets to allow things to be carried without additional weight (Suddenly I’m suspicious of Mary Poppins).

The Symbiote can give it’s hosts Spiderman’s powers and make them invisible to his spidey senses. And has some immunity to the powers of other superheroes and villains.

He also has offspring, which he can keep tabs on – all except Carnage who can block Venom’s telepathic link.


Venom is vulnerable to prolonged exposure to fire and sonic waves  – which exhaust it.

Whilst some have said that Tom Holland has been seen on set and speculated as to whether Spiderman will appear in the Venom movie no one knows for sure. It is likely that Venom’s arrival will not involve Spiderman even if he does make an appearance.

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