It is the Demon in Me Sequel

I know it has been a while since i last posted anything but I have been busy writing the sequel to It is the Demon in Me.
I hope that the release of this second book will be 30 April if all goes to plan.

The sequel continues Deanna’s story as she learns about herself, her new powers and her new role as Sheriff of the Eternal Law. She is introduced to a whole new world of things she has to deal with including the death of one of the members of the coven.
Her friend Jen’s life is turned upside down and Deanna does everything she can to help her.
She must also meet with the vampires, help find the perpetrators of the human deaths and save a girl from her captors on another world. Not the life she was expecting at all.

If you haven’t yet read It is the Demon in Me it is available from Amazon, and if you have the kindle owners lending library you can read it for free.

Look out for the sequel ‘Sheriff of the Eternal Law’ coming soon to amazon.

Kate xxx