Daemon Tarot for February 2019 – All Signs

Messages from your Daemons

Do you love reading your Horrorscope and finding out what’s in store for you? Your tarot-scope for the month or predictions for the week ahead. And there are some beautifully designed tarot cards out there, like my Daemon tarot. You may even have a deck of your own.

Now I’ve come across a little resistance when using my cards. Not everyone likes them. Not everyone likes knowing what’s coming. And some even think it’s the work of the devil. So let me be clear: tarot cards are for guidance, they help you open up your mind and see the solution to your own problem or question. My Daemon Tarot cards are just a little more in your face about it. They don’t pull any punches. Say what they mean. Keep it short and sweet, that kind of thing. So, if you’re of a delicate disposition or simply don’t believe in this kinda thing, turn away now.

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** For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

Aries -March 21-April 19

Beelzebub – Are you merely interested or sticking your nose in where it’s not wanted? There is a difference between curiosity and nosiness, some things you’re not meant to hear. Mind your beeswax!

Taurus -April 20-May 20

Berith – whilst you might be chasing material wealth this month, and this is a good thing for you to be focused on, make sure you’re not getting too greedy and causing friction. Money can flow in easily or it can come with consequences.

Gemini -May 21-June 20

Beelzebub – Just like Aries you might be privy to information you shouldn’t have this month. Perhaps through eavesdropping, was it merely curiosity or were you being deliberately nosy? Either way you should probably keep the information to yourself.

Cancer -June 21-July 22

Balan – February isn’t the month for putting yourself out there, it’s better to observe and listen. Focus on your past achievements -and the downfalls- and think about where you are right now. How has your past influenced your present? And how might your present influence your future? Where do you want to go, what is your goal?

Daemon Tarot
Leo – July 23rd- August 22nd

Brooms – This month the focus is on the home, perhaps a little early spring cleaning or a total blitz in preparation for a wonderful year. Cleanse and purify and your year will take flight.

Virgo – August 23rd- September 22nd

Ipes – Have confidence and be bold in your planning, build a long term strategy that is flexible and allows you to think on your feet when needed. That which you have planned for February could be subject to sudden change but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Libra -September 23-October 22

Alastor – Has someone done something to wrong you? Do you feel the need to get justice? Well, proceed with caution. Whilst you might get the justice you deserve, make sure it is justice and not vengeance. There is no need for cruelty, no matter how angry you might be.

Scorpio -October 23-November 21

Moloch – You may have to make sacrifices this month but try not to be too strict on yourself, maybe there’s a little room for manoeuvre? Alternatively, you may encounter someone who is strict and unyielding and your little pranks and out of the box humour might not be appreciated.

Sagittarius -November 22-December 21

Bael – Are you taking someone for something they’re not? Is their title or position blinding you to the truth of who they really are? You may need to take a step back and reevaluate your opinion of them this month.

Capricorn -December 22-January 19

Alocer – Pay particular attention to your horoscope this month, or at least the alignment of the stars. You may be particularly well placed to witness something beautiful, or be a part of it yourself.

Aquarius -January 20 to February 18

Amduscias – Do you play an instrument or have you considered taking one up? This would be a particularly potent month for musical activities, even if that’s attending a concert or listening to a street musician. Spend a little longer than usual in the company of music and you may find a new spark of inspiration.

Pisces -February 19 to March 20

Ribesal – You may be prone to logical thinking this month in the pursuit of knowledge, preferring to leave your emotions and the classroom door (wherever or whatever that might be). Be careful of being cruel or dismissive of others during this time, it won’t go down well with friends or colleagues.

Would you like me to pull a Daemon Tarot Card just for you?

Sometimes personal circumstances can have us hunting for answers, clues, and clarity in the strangest of places. But if you can remember these cards are simply a way of clarifying what’s already in your mind you can use them to your advantage. Got a question or situation you’d like a little clarity on, or perhaps just for fun? Reply to this post on twitter.

The Daemon Tarot Cards

The Daemon Tarot deck is by Ariana Osborne with illustrations by Louis Breton. Based on the Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin De Plancy.