Sea Horrors to Keep You Out of the Water

Mother Nature’s Secrets

It’s possible for any kind of monster to make you less keen on going somewhere, but few have the ability to make somewhere seem even less explorable than those that live in the sea. We know that, not including outer space, the oceans are largely unexplored and the creatures have a massive amount of space to grow beyond an acceptable size. And this is what makes the true sea horrors  – Nature! They’re scary because they could happen.

sea horrors

There have been hundreds of videos and photos cropping up across the web of weird creatures from the sea (or creatures of even greater sizes than we’ve experienced before). And no one really knows why these things are happening. I mean okay, maybe it’s something to do with the changes in the global temperatures, maybe there have been a huge increase in their prey animals and nature decided that rather than more predators she’d just make them bigger. And show us the weird ones, to remind us she’s not giving up all her secrets to us puny little humans -just because we figured out how to drive around in bubble boats under the sea.

Real Deep Sea Horrors

As humans we like to think we have a keen grasp on all the creatures around us. We like to assume we could tell if a creature was a myth or a real living breathing sea creature (and whether it needs soy sauce or frying in batter). Just when we think we’ve got the myths and legends down Mother Nature goes and does stuff like this:


And when you think that even these creatures started out as myths, until one washed up dead on the beach, it’s fair to say other mythical creatures could, eventually, turn out to be real too. Would you blame them for staying away from the land animals?

Sea Horrors in the Movies

Naturally the first movie that springs to mind is Sharknado, the most recent of which is 3 and coming not long after Eli Roth’s shark week.


Then there’s Piranha (are all these movies simply named after the animal?). Now everyone knows Piranha’s aren’t like this, we’ve all watched River Monsters with Jeremy Wade right? Seen the one where he deliberately gets into the river filled with Piranha’s whilst investigating deaths by fish. And if you ever wanted inspirational fuel for writing or producing a underwater monster movie or book this would be the show to watch. I got so engrossed one year I almost missed the New Year coming in – seriously, they put on the one where he goes to Chernobyl and I couldn’t stop watching.

But there are some good scenes in this that make you question the water, one of which is in this trailer below. It’s scary enough when you turn a light on in a dark place and see a clown – that’s just one person. But a hundred fish with sharp teeth and a murder death kill mentality whilst you’re in their territory?


A few movies featuring the Kraken –like Pirates of the Caribbean- but Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep is all about the Kraken. The Kraken is another one of those mythical sea horrors that could just exist. I mean, how hard would a squid have to feed to get to Kraken size?


Of course there are others, Jaws for example (don’t think I forgot), but I can’t help feeling that the potential for sea horrors haven’t been explored fully in movies. Maybe it’s time for a killer mermaid movie…oh no wait, found one!


And remember people, it’s not true what they say – you shouldn’t pee on a jelly fish sting, that will just make it worse.

Kate xxx

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