It is the Demon in Me – Before it got a Publisher

Before Wallace Publishing

Few will be aware that before the Deanna series was published by Wallace Publishing (book three coming 2018), I self-published. It is the Demon in Me was the first of the series, and looking back (and how my own writing has improved) is scary.

Here is the original blurb

Deanna has spent most of her life moving further and further north with her family. Now the thing they were running from has caught up with them and Deanna must discover her power to protect her family and friends.

Her destiny is awaiting her and all she has to do is complete three trials that she is nowhere near ready for. If she is successful she will be given a role in the world that very few even imagine exists.

And the new blurb for It Is The Demon In Me

A wickedly good novel about magic, curses, witches, and demons. Born a witch, Deanna knew she had powers but not the extent of them. Her parents and their coven bound her to keep her safe from the demons that wanted to find her. But as her powers grew, the bindings weakened and they were found. She must be unbound quickly as only she has the power to fight off the demons. But what she discovers changes everything. Her place in this world is not as she thought. The time has come to make a decision and the lives of her family and their coven rest on it. ‘It Is The Demon In Me’ is the first in a three part series about Deanna, her family, and their true bloodline. When your whole world changes, do you use fight or flight?

The Cover has had a few incarnations too but I won’t share all of them here. However, I do rather like the current one and books two and three are hopefully within keeping.

It is the Demon in Me

Thankfully Wallace Publishing gave it a round of editing (or three) before republishing. I’m very grateful to Leesa Wallace for that, as well as the promotion and blog tours she’s put in place. I’m sure another round is on its way for 2018 and the third book Becoming the Demon. 

[Updated January 8th 2018]