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Full of movie cliches

Little Evil stars Evangeline Lilly (Lost, Ant-Man, The Hurt Locker)Adam Scott (Krampus, Black Mass, Parks and Recreation)Sally Field (Lincoln, The Amazing Spider-Man, Legally Blond 2), and the brilliant Owen Atlas as Lucas.

Little Evil is the story of how a newly married man starts to consider the fact that his new step-son just might be Antichrist. As he starts putting the pieces together it just starts getting stranger. Especially with the end of the world coming and all.

A Wannabe Horror Comedy *Spoilers ahead…kind of*

It just wasn’t that funny. It felt like it wanted to be a mick take with a story-line all of it’s own.  Whilst trying to be a rom-com and reusing as many different things from popular horror movies as possible.  The hallway from Ash vs Evil Dead, the twins from The Shining, the TV scene from Poltergeist.

But, if you ever consider using a battery operated toy in any movie you might be making, try big bird. That laugh is truly terrifying from a dark corner of the room when a little bit of light hits it.

little evil
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Little Evil Review Conclusion

I won’t be watching it again – Little Evil was filled with cliche characters, made from a whole heap of scenes from other movies, and not nearly s funny as it was trying to be. The pacing felt off, it meandered off on a number of occasions, and I would have turned it off much sooner if I hadn’t been planning on reviewing it. That being said – that kid was awesome! And it does get a little better towards the end.

2.5 stars 

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