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He’s the Shadow of Saint Nicholas

Ah Christmas. A time to spend time with family you haven’t seen all year, share stories, food, good cheer. The odd argument or two. Max only wanted nice things for his family for Christmas, but when his cousins start to get mean he turns his back on Christmas. Tears up his letter to Santa, and sends it out into the night. Where Krampus is waiting. Ready to punish the non-believers. Ready to force the family to fight for each other if they intend to survive.

Starring Adam Scott (Little Evil, The Good Place) Toni Collette (Hostages, The Sixth Sense)David Koechner (Paul, American Dad), Emjay Anthony (Chef, Bad Moms), Krista Stadler (Mobbing, Clarissa’s Secret), and Stefania LeVie Owen (The Lovely Bones, Coming Through the Rye). 

Krampus – I didn’t know he had so many friends **Spoilers Ahead**

It starts out like any other Christmas movie. Family get together, eggnog, festivities, light disagreements quickly kicked in the butt so as not to offend anyone. Then there’s the seemingly innocent jaunt out into the blizzard.

A power outage, a letter, increasingly bad decisions, hot coco, Granny. You just knew she knew something, and that she knew that no one would listen to what she knew and believe her until what she knew was going to happen happened. Except maybe the kid who wrote the letter.


Krampus Movie Review Conclusion

I will watch it again – although, only at Christmas. An enjoyable film that isn’t particularly horrific (as in, blood, gore, scares), so good for a slightly different family Christmas movie (and might keep some of the younger kids from getting too naughty – not that I’m suggesting you show it to any child under 15).

4 stars 

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