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Come stay at the Murder Hotel

The chances are that at some point in your life you have been in a creepy building, maybe a house with secret passageways and rooms, that sent chills down your spine and made you paranoid inexplicably. But probably not a building known as a murder hotel.

For me it was a castle, I was convinced that there was someone following the group on the tour around and with all the huge paintings of the previous occupants this wasn’t surprising. When we got to the dungeons my brother and myself were shut into one of the cells, much to the adults amusement, and told that was where we were staying. We were pretty sure they were joking and luckily this was confirmed a few minutes later when they let us back out again.

What about you?

A building that seems like it would have been extremely creepy but that people willingly went to was the Murder Hotel designed and owned by a Dr. H.H.Holmes.

He lived between 1860 and 1896 during which time he designed and renovated a large building in Chicago. His design wasn’t the usual knocking through walls to make rooms bigger or adding a bathroom, rather he built in secret rooms and passageways,doors that went nowhere and vents and pipes to transport noxious gas.

During the building process Holmes would use a number of contractors and each would build only a part of the overall design ensuring that he alone knew the layout. Thus creating a murder hotel that no-one could describe in it’s entirety and easily get lost in.

He rented out the rooms to bring his victims to him. He earned money whilst indulging in his desire to kill.

With a macabre choice of methods available to him Holmes could gas, torture, suffocate, burn, poison and easily dispose of the bodies. He would dissect and sell those parts of the body he could before using acid and lye to finish off the rest of the remains.

He was educated and had a level of respect from the community, that is until they learnt exactly what he had been up to.

My story also has a hotel, which was originally a large family home, with secret rooms and passageways. A deep dark basement and an attic, it even has three main floors like the murder hotel. It isn’t set quite so long ago though and modern forensics have to be considered as well as our penchant for constant communication.

The method of disposal has some similarities though, shouldn’t knock an idea that works, but my killer has added other elements to it. Creating a very different murder hotel.

if you can’t wait for the release of ‘Whispers on the Hill’ then you can get a taster by reading ‘Becoming Whispers‘. Set before the house becomes a hotel it is the story of a girl who, seeking help in the remote location, enters the house. What she finds is not the help she expected but rather a fight for her life.

Whispers has blood in its very foundations and its owner isn’t afraid of adding more.

Let the nightmares begin

Kate xxx
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