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November Roundup

Godless has finally arrived on Netflix and it’s sooo good it’s making me forget I even have a phone. And The Punisher is doing his thing. A few decent looking movies have landed this month with a few more on the way next month – and woohoo they’re not all Christmas Movies!

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There’s another series of Mindhunter coming, as well as Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and John-Claude Van Johnson – which is gonna be hilarious if the first episode was anything to go by.

We’re not quite at Christmas decoration stage, and there are a few things to catch up on or are about to start that can stave off the jingle bells for at least another week or two. I don’t want to watch someone else’s Christmas Miracle when I really need one myself. Seriously, does it get more expensive every year just to mess with me?

TV Land: Godless, Sick Note, Peaky Blinders

Things are ending, things are beginning. It’s not too shabby a month considering the Christmas adverts seem to have already started, Hallmark is eagerly celebrating Christmas a month early, and my wallet is starting to look a little thin. At least I have all these new shows to take me away from the horrors of Christmas spending. I also saw a trailer suggesting Britannia would be available this month on NowTV but I can’t find when anywhere. So keep your eyes peeled because it looks brilliant.

  • The Punisher – Netflix, 17th Nov
  • The Frankenstein Chronicles Season 2 – ITV Encore 1st  Nov
  • Teen Wolf Season 6a – Netflix 1st Nov
  • Sick Note – Sky 1 7th Nov
  • Blindspot Season 3 – Living 6th Nov
  • Frontier Season 2 – Netflix 24th
  • Vikings Season 5 – Amazon Prime 30th Nov
  • Peaky Blinders Season 4 – BBC2 5th Nov
  • The Sinner – Netflix 7th Nov
  • Godless Season 1 – Netflix 22nd Nov


A town in La Belle, New Mexico is mysteriously made up of almost entirely women. And this is where Roy hides out from his old gang. The gang of Outlaws are hunting him down for robbing them during a train robbery and shooting off the bosses arm. Wherever they go death lies in their wake, and the Sheriff follows along behind.

The Punisher

Trying to lie low and let everyone but a few small friends believe him to be dead, Frank gets caught up in another man’s plan. And along the way a whole lot of truths come spilling out. Truths that require The Punisher’s personal brand of violence.

Movie Land:

  • A Bad Moms Christmas – Nov 1st
  • Murder on the Orient Express – Nov 3rd
  • Justice League – Nov 17th
  • Spider-Man 2: Another World – Nov 20th

Upcoming for December:

Arrrgggghhhhhhhh! Why is it here already, breathing down our necks like a teacher insisting your cursive leans to the right just a little more. The pressure! 

Of course, being December, there’s going to be plenty of movies to watch on TV, as well as alllllllll the Christmas show reruns going back to before your parents were born. The stop motion cartoons that your grandparents insist your kids be quiet during. Movies you’ve never heard of.  And so much food in your belly you can’t even stretch across the next seat for the remote -oh well, guess you’re watching The Two Ronnies again.

On TV for December in the UK:

  • Black Mirror Season 4 – Netflix
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 – Netflix
  • Dark Season 1 – Netflix 1st Dec
  • Manhunt: Unabomber Season 1 – Netflix 12th Dec
  • The Orville Season 1 – Fox 14th Dec
  • Jean-Claude Van Johnson – Amazon Prime 15th Dec
  • Trollhunters Season 2 – Netflix 15th
  • Doctor Who Season Special – BBC1 25th Dec

But don’t worry, if you’re quick you can get a Black Friday deal on an Amazon Prime or NowTV subscription and have access to even more. But, if you’re just looking for an excuse to escape to the movies with a loved one for a few hours of popcorn-eating-quiet-time, consider these:

Movies for December:

  • Dark Ascension – 7th December
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – 20th December
  • The Greatest Showman – 26th December

A little news

  • Charles Manson died aged 83 on the 19th of November and left his entire estate to a pen-pal.
  • Despite numerous reports of Rose West being in hospital with a serious illness that just might finish her off, she is in fact, quite well and still behind bars.
  • Ian Brady’s ashes were dispatched out at sea last month, during the night of 25th of October, after the cremation -during which there were no flowers or music allowed.
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