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What the Hell Walking Dead?

Keep seeing these posts about season 7 of The Walking Dead. Was it too violent, was the violence justified, who’s going to go next, who’s going to become the new bad-ass main character, and all I can say is ‘I’ve been rather annoyed with this seasons ‘a’ half’. What are they doing?

The last season ended on a major cliff hanger – one of these characters will die – and then left us speculating, wondering, anticipating, and fearing the shows return. Maybe there was someone you wanted to go, maybe there wasn’t. And I was disappointed to see the characters leave who did get the nasty end of the bat, but I can’t tell you who I would rather have seen sent to early graves.

But what did happen was this…

The Walking Dead
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Meet your new Step-Daddy, he hangs his belt on the back of the door!

Seriously? Negan? He’s a daddy figure. He’s setting the rules and you gotta stick to ’em or you get a beating.

What? Did Rick turn into a pussy because he’s got a “wife” and two kids now to take care of? In their, zombie free, gated community. Where they go out every day to bring back the bacon (and nappies and whatever else they can find)?

This is the first season I’ve seriously considered not continuing to watch. If it wasn’t for them all (mostly) seeming to get back together in the last episode, and the hint that there may be a bit of a turn around in their fortunes ahead, I wouldn’t bother tuning in next week.

Violence? I don’t care if there’s violence if it makes sense to the story

But please stop giving the other characters openings to do away with Negan if they’re not going to even see them. Or, at the very least, make him worthy of their reluctance to do sod all when they do have the opportunity. We know which characters have no problem killing another person if it saves them or the group. And we can see you’re desperately trying to protect Carl’s innocence despite all the things that have happened to him. But come on, it’s a zombie apocalypse they have to at least be trying to survive – it almost feels like the zombie threat is background noise now.

Also, why are zombies not coming to attack them every time the horses are trotting down the roads? That sound travels.

Honestly though, I think a large part of the problem is that the first half of many shows are used to set up story in the second half. A lot of background and sideways jumps to give you details so you’ll understand the real story that’s coming later. Trouble is, if you don’t start the story in the first episode, and keep that path clear, it’s real easy to loose the viewer. Simply because they’re too confused to care what happens next. I get that the characters aren’t all together any more and we want to know what’s going on with them. But dedicating whole episodes to one character is, I find, a bit like someone changing the channel in the middle of a program I was watching when I nipped out for another coffee in the break.

Walking Dead Season 7a Review Conclusion

I’m going to tune in for season 7b – I want the show to get better. I really do. 

3.5 Stars

What did you think of the first half of season 7? Will you still be watching? Does it need putting out of it’s misery? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

The Walking Dead Returns February 13th on Fox at 9pm

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