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If The Exorcist and The Shinning had a baby…

Demons stars Andrew Divoff, John Schneider, Lindsay Anne Williams, Steven Brand, Kristina Emerson, Gary Grubbs, and Miles Doleac – who also wrote and directed.

Jewel Grant died a gruesome death after an aborted exorcism, overseen by Father Hampstead. Jewel’s older sister, Kayleigh, grew attached to Father Hampstead. Having left the priesthood, and eight years after the incident, Hampstead has became a celebrated fiction writer of occult stories. He also married Kayleigh, together they have a daughter and run a bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA.

Whilst hosting one of Hampstead’s college friend’s wedding, the reunion turns into something much more macabre.  Jewel’s ghost compels Kayleigh to engage in bizarre and destructive behaviours. Endangering the lives of everyone present.

It doesn’t hang about

Demons gets right down to the main theme but draws out the creepy vibe, making you wait for the full story. It has that sense of hiding something bigger.

The characters are interesting; Hampstead has a strange standoffishness that made me wonder what else was bothering him. And I loved the way Kayleigh reacted to her sister’s presence – a mixture of wanting to hear her voice and not wanting to see anything she was being shown.


Demons Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Demons isn’t over the top and lets the story do it’s job.  An enjoyable film, if a little slow going in places. But it does deliver a bunch of laughs, a great location, and a twist ending.

4 stars 

In Theatres and on VOD from Octber 6th

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