Daemon Tarot for July 2019 – All Signs

Messages from your Daemons

Your Monthly Tarotscope is here -find out what’s in store for your star sign. Using my beautiful Daemon tarot I’ll shuffle and cut to provide you with a little guidance or inspiration.

Tarot cards are for guidance, they help you open up your mind and see the solution to your own problem or question. My Daemon Tarot cards are just a little more in your face about it. They don’t pull any punches. Say what they mean. Keep it short and sweet, that kind of thing. So, if you’re of a delicate disposition or simply don’t believe in this kinda thing, turn away now.

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** For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

On occasion, a card will jump from the pack with an extra message. If this does happen I’ll add it to whichever sign I am reading for at the time.

Aries -March 21-April 19

Garuda -Patience and perseverance will be your friend this month, remember to show your gratitude to all those who help you or who have helped you get where you are.

Taurus -April 20-May 20

Abraxas -Is someone hiding a truth or keeping things from you? Beware of lies of omission. The story might be good but something is missing that would make it more believable.

Gemini -May 21-June 20

Rahovart – You may find an older acquaintance is particularly grumpy or short-tempered this month. It’s probably not you, someone may have recently reaffirmed to them that they can only expect the worst from people. You have the ability to change their perspective but go about it gently.

Cancer -June 21-July 22

Andras -It may be time to reconsider that thing you’re considering. Someone could get hurt, that someone could be you. And it may be damage that lasts a long time. Is there a better way?

Daemon Tarot
Leo – July 23rd- August 22nd

Flaga -You have a lot to think about, old things that need to be discarded and new things coming in that may not be ideally suited to what you need right now. Take some time to evaluate your mental, physical, and material needs.

Virgo – August 23rd- September 22nd

Cerberus -Learn to find comfort in what you have and be grateful for it, it is what supports you currently, instead of living in the past or focusing on the future. Be in the now. Enjoy conversations with those around you and enjoy what you have achieved.

Libra -September 23-October 22

Cali -Change is coming, perhaps at the hands of a powerful woman who comes into your life just when she is needed. Beware of judging her harshly though, she has insights that you don’t see yet.

Scorpio -October 23-November 21

Amon -Repair fractured relationships, you may both be very different people now but underneath you are still very much the same.

Sagittarius -November 22-December 21

Flaga -You may experience a rise in passions this month, although brief it could breath new life into a current situation or mindset. Work on clearing out the old to make way for the new.

Capricorn -December 22-January 19

Forcas -Your voice should ring clear and true through all you do this month, be sure to speak with eloquence and grace. You could be offered the opportunity to speak to others about your particular area of expertise.

Aquarius -January 20 to February 18

Brooms -Time at home would be well spent, cleaning, clearing, and decluttering. Or spending time in the kitchen creating magnificent new edible delights (or at least attempting to) could help you focus your mind and get clear on what you want. Try something new but keep the focus close to home.

Pisces -February 19 to March 20

Bael -Don’t make assumptions about people based on their name or status, they could seem greater than they are and looking up to them might be a false economy.

Would you like me to pull a Daemon Tarot Card just for you?

Sometimes personal circumstances can have us hunting for answers, clues, and clarity in the strangest of places. But if you can remember these cards are simply a way of clarifying what’s already in your mind you can use them to your advantage. Got a question or situation you’d like a little clarity on, or perhaps just for fun? Reply to this post on twitter.

The Daemon Tarot Cards

The Daemon Tarot deck is by Ariana Osborne with illustrations by Louis Breton. Based on the Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin De Plancy.