5 Horrors on Netflix UK

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I like the Dark Ones

One of the most infuriating things about the US is how long they make us wait to watch stuff. Everything’s a week later on TV, and I have no idea what the schedule is for US to UK Netflix. So, since I watch so many of them, I thought I’d share a few I thought were pretty decent.

And I’ll be honest, one of my biggest Netflix pet peeves is the out of sinc listings. I hate watching the second movie before I’ve even seen the first, why can’t they all go on at once?

At 5) The Voices

A bizarre film with Ryan Reynolds that when mixed with Area 51 produced the weirdest dreams I’ve had in ages. And I just love the dog, the cat’s a bit of a dick though.

Office politics are always weird, no matter where you work. But being stood up by the office hotty can put you on a bit of a downer. Especially when she wasn’t even nice enough to tell you to your face she wouldn’t be coming on the date you’d so carefully planned. Leaving you to dine alone. If she’d just turned up things could have been so different…

At 4) Residue

Not a movie but a short series with some very dark moments (amongst the slightly less dark moments). Written by John Harrison and Directed by Alex Garcia Lopez (Utopia, Misfits, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) this series is quite twisted really. After an explosion and a cover up things start to get really weird.

At 3) The Killing Room

Not entirely certain what I was expecting when I hit play but this film kept me engrossed and guessing. A psychological film about a psychological experiment keeps both the participants and the viewer expectant – but for what no one knows. Personally I think they should have been paid more.

At 2) The Midnight Meat Train

Again I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this film, it wasn’t one I’d seen any trailers for. But there wasn’t much else to do and it seemed the best of the few I fancied watching at the time. Needless to say I’m glad I did.

This film will full-fill your need for blood and gore and remind you why your obsessions can lead you down dark paths.

At 1) Odd Thomas

I really enjoyed this one, not particularly scary but weird enough that it might give you nightmares.

An ordinary guy doing an ordinary job with extra-ordinary abilities. If seeing dead people can be counted as an extra-ordinary ability and not a curse. Based on the best selling thriller by Dean Koontz it’s bound to have you muttering at the TV in no time.


And that’s all folks…for now 🙂

Kate xxx

I think I might go and re-watch Odd Thomas now actually. Friday night sorted.

Oh, and hey, if you haven’t seen the adverts yet South of Hell is coming to the UK on Tuesday 2nd February. It’ll be showing on freeview channel Pick TV at 10pm – you’re welcome.