Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet? | Short Film

Why Haven’t they fixed the cameras yet? Is a not so festive short film by Wet Denim Productions that deserves a bit of attention.

Not many of us are lucky enough to be having Christmas Parties this year, but you’ve probably been to a few works do’s over the years. And you’ve probably got a few crazy recollections of bad behaviour (yours or someone else’s, they’re all good stories for the retelling), if not things you’d much rather forget and that you hope wasn’t caught on camera.

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Wet Denim Productions recently reached out to share their short film with me. A short film that I’m told made a room full of veterans squirm, how will you fare?

When I woman leaves her work Christmas Party late she discovers the security cameras aren’t working, the last thing you’d want in a mostly deserted underground car park, right?

Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet? Stars Lee Eddy and Lukas King, it was Written and Directed by Travis White, and Produced by Madison Phillips.

Why Haven't They Fixed The Cameras Yet?

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