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You’re darn right there’s new Westerns & Horror Westerns coming our way this year and beyond. And fingers crossed there’s even more that haven’t been announced yet. Yes, that’s me, always hopeful of good movies. And that’s why I spent the morning hunting down the gems, the possibilities, the nuggets in the stream. And let’s just say, at the moment, I might be able to trade those nuggets for a large popcorn and soda from the cinema concessions stand.

  • Hot Bath, Stiff Drink, an’ a Close Shave -post-production
  • Far Bright Star -Script
  • Doc -in development
  • Spirit Reckoning -in development, might not be with us before 2021
  • Cowboy Ninja Viking
  • Young Guns -still just a whisper in the wind
  • The Wild Bunch -pre-production
  • The Call of the Wild -21st February
  • Wrong Turn: The Foundation
  • News of the World -25th December in the USA
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Hot Bath, Stiff Drink, an’ a Close Shave

A Marshal and an Outlaw, who are incidentally twin brothers, join forces against a hardened killer in the old west. Starring Alison Eastwood (The Mule), John Ashton (Gone Baby Gone), Matt Winston (Scrubs), Tanya Clarke (Inhumans), Mirelly Taylor (Seal Team), and David Midthunder (Hostiles).

Spirit Reckoning

A farmer is brought back to life by a shaman after he is murdered by ruthless outlaws and trained by a gunslinger, his thirst for vengeance accompanies him as he wanders the countryside. Starring Lew Temple (Unstoppable) and Sean Patrick Flanery (The Outsider).

Cowboy Ninja Viking

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically a western what with government agencies and multiple personality disorder but it is about a guy that gets turned into a super-soldier with the attributes of a cowboy, ninja, and a Viking. What could go wrong? Starring Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Priyanka Chopra (The Happy Place). There are a couple of set pics on IMDb that suggest at least part of it could be set in a western town.

The Call of the Wild

A remake of one of my favourite films from when I was a kid, this movie is based on the novel by Jack London. The story follows a sled dog who is struggling to survive in the Alaskan wilderness and the human he bonds with. Starring Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy), Harrison Ford (Blade Runner 2049 and all that other stuff he’s done that you know him from), Jean Louisa Kelly (Ant-Man), Dan Stevens (Apostle), and Bradley Whitford (Get Out).

Wrong Turn: The Foundation

Whilst hiking the Appalachian Trail a group of friends come across a community who have lived in the mountain for hundreds of years. Okay, so whilst technically this is a horror, I think because of the location and the fact the community has been there for hundreds of years there’s a strong possibility there’s going to be a western feel in a sort of pilgrim like way. There’s no way I can tell yet, no trailer as of yet. But it stars Matthew Modine (47 Meters Down), Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Charlotte Vega (The Lodgers), Bill Sage (Hap & Leonard), Valerie Jane Parker (Greenleaf), and Tim DeZarn (Truth Be Told).

News of the World

Bringing news of the world to local townspeople across the west, a Texan agrees to help rescue a kidnapped young girl. Starring Tom Hanks, Neil Sandilands (Hap & Leonard), Fred Hechinger (Alex Strangelove), Chukwudi Iwuji (John Wick 2), Thomas Francis Murphy (Mindhunter), and Helena Zengel (System Crasher).

Western & Western Horror Updates

I will, as per usual, update this list whenever I get wind of new westerns & horror westerns going into production or being released. I’m hoping for a lot more than what’s included above and will keep my eyes peeled. Sign up to the email list so you don’t miss the updates.

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