Western Movies to Keep an Eye Out For

So, let’s say I got curious. I was sat watching Deadwood last night and wondered about the movie of the series I’d heard mentioned. So I IMDb’d it and fell down a western rabbit hole.

Now there isn’t much to learn about it so far, the cast is made up of the cast of the series. Reported to start filming in October and continuing the story of the series. It should hopefully be with us in Spring of next year. 

And then I started digging for gold! Well, actually I searched for other interesting looking westerns. There were a lot so I’ve picked the ones that appealed – here’s my list

Western Movies To Look Out For

Big Kill

Starring Jason Patric (Wayward Pines), Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire), Christoph Sanders (Last Man Standing), and Danny Trejo (The Flash), Big Kill is the story of four men who have a date with destiny. A Philadelphian tenderfoot, two gamblers on the run, and a deadly preacher. The only release info suggests the USA release date is for this year but we’ll have to keep an eye out for updates on releases in other countries.  


Starring Sean Patrick Flanery (The Evil Within), Chad Michael Collins (Extinct), Farah White (Daylights End), and bringing a gunfighter from the old west back from the grave to deal with a bloodthirsty werewolf motorcycle gang. With a 31st October release date in the USA, those of us in the UK will be keeping our eyes open for its release on this side of the pond.

Short Westerns

  • Wendigo – Starring  Sabine Crossen, Constance Pizon, and Géraldine Naliato with a 2018 Release in France
  • Thunder Ridge – The story of a young mute girl who must survive in the California wilderness of 1890 after her entire family is brutally murdered. Starring  Nora Woods, Montserrat Garcia Marquez, and Nate Leykam 

Post-Production Western Movies

Texas Cotton

Starring Juliette Danielle (Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws), Tiffany Shepis (12 Monkeys TV Series), Jason Douglas (The Walking Dead), Texas Cotton is the story of an ageing lawman who thinks mysterious stranger arrested in the town is innocent. As he investigates, what he stirs up will change the town forever. Keep up to date on IMDb

Hot Bath, Stiff Drink, an’ a Close Shave

Starring Alison Eastwood (Shadow People), John Ashton (Gone Baby Gone), and David Midthunder (Westworld). An Outlaw and a Marshal -Twin Brothers- join forces to beat a hardened killer hell-bent on revenge. Updates can be found here on IMDb 

Whispers in the Wind

This is how far down the rabbit hole I went. These movies have been announced and some have names you’ll recognise amongst them. So forgive my indulgence as I get a little too excited a little too soon for these movies still in development.   

  • Far Bright Star – Set to star is Joaquin Phoenix and to direct  Casey Affleck. A Cavalryman leads a team to hunt down Pancho Villa but most of the men are killed in an ambush and the Cavalryman must survive in the desert.
  • The Cowboys – A remake of the John Wayne classic is in development with Tommy Lee Jones and has been since it’s announcement in 2013.
  • Doc – Doc Holliday teams up with Wyatt Earp in the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral and reportedly starring Jeremy Renner. 

What say you?

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