Western Horror Films on Netflix UK

More than you think, less than you want

A couple of months ago I was surprised to find a few Western Horror Films on Netflix, and by Western Horror I mean Horror set in the Old West (or as close as can be goddammit!). But the numbers have dwindled…maybe there’s more on the American one? Maybe I’m in the wrong country…maybe I need to join Amazon Prime…

Of course it could be because of the limited number of horror movies actually set in this era. Westerns go in and out of fashion, and out of those few that appear only a very small proportion of them are Horrors.

western horror films on netflix

3 June Western Horror Films on Netflix UK

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter

Set in Mexico, 1900, an Outlaw runs from the Hangman in this prequel to From Dusk till Dawn. With the Hangman’s daughter in tow they set out on an adventure that’s vampire fuelled and doomed to end badly with a posse in pursuit. When the Hangman’s daughter’s heritage is revealed all hell breaks loose. There are horses, dusty streets, shoot’em’ups, and a vampire bar – as you’d expect.

An American Haunting

If you’re willing to be a little flexible on dates this supernatural tale was an interesting watch. Staring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland it’s set in 1818. Less wild west and more settlers this film was really enjoyable. And whilst you set out thinking they’re dealing with supernatural forces you soon discover there’s something else at play.

Slow West

More of a violent Western than a Horror Western but with slim pickin’s this month, and a few good reviews, this one is on my list. A little slow to start but worth the wait. A 16 year old Scotsman on the trail of his love in 19th Century Frontier America. What could go wrong?

Hope Springs Eternal

Now I’m hoping that there will be more Western Horror films on Netflix in the UK soon. ‘Cause I like them. I’m also hoping more directors, script writers, and short film makers will consider this niche genre. Mostly because I like seeing new movies, and in particular because I’d like to see good new movies in this genre. Maybe recent horror westerns like Bone Tomahawk and Kill or Be Killed are a sign of what’s coming. I certainly hope so.

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