Wanna Summon Demons but don’t have a Necronomicon?

It’s totally the pits when you can’t just get what you want need isn’t it?

If only there was an easy way to get that girl, date that guy, bury yourself in riches, torment your boss/ex/anyone. Well the Necronomicon isn’t the only book with which to summon demons. And as we aren’t actually overrun by demons it must be easy to put them back where they came from, so no problems there than. There have been countless books on how to summon demons or angels, ask them what you want of them, and then send them back. Very rarely are you required to offer something in return, after all you did get the candles, draw the symbols in chalk on your mothers carpet, and find the virgin blacksmith, what more could they really want? Weigh it up, who’s going to be scarier – the demon or your mother when she finds out?

So why not pick up one of these books today – and get exactly what you deserve 🙂

Books to Summon Demons

The Necromancer’s Manual

This is probably the first one you should consider, less of a walk through and more of a collection of information gathered for those practicing magic in medieval times. A handbook to have by your side to give further details on your demons of choice, ritual herbs, and provide conjurations. This is like that textbook the teachers told you to get the first day of class that you mostly use as a doorstop or place to rest your coffee mug. But you might actually need the information in this one.


This ones for summoning angels, using everything from the direction of the wind to invocations and rites. It might feel like a safer thing to attempt for your first summoning, rather than all those difficult to control, possibly uncooperative demons. However, demons and angles are not really that different. They’re going to require the same level of attention to detail and concentration. It’s easy to believe they’ll arrive all shining light and happy to help but so will some demons. You can’t judge them all because of a title they’ve been given. Look, what I’m trying to say is,  if you’re going to summon anything that isn’t your dog or an underling, just be careful. You want to harness their power not be victim to it. And if you’re unsure take a step back and look at the situation again. Maybe you could just buy some flowers?

The Lesser Key of Solomon 

This is one of my favorites, I have a copy within my disc of the Esoteric Archives. In it you will find charts, sigils, and seals, as well as invocations for the summoning of over 72 demons or spirits – you’re bound to find something to fit your purpose. Although again, I would suggest that perhaps there is a simpler way of obtaining your desires. Perhaps a new job?

The Red Dragon

This is a very old book said to be able to be used to summon Lucifer himself. Perhaps this one should be a last resort? Maybe start with a lesser demon until you’ve got your training “wings” off? You may also find in it proof of demonic possession and spells.

The book is owned by the Catholic Church and kept in the Vatican where you can’t go read it – sorry. But handily, as it is a regularly used book in Haiti and by Voodoo practitioners, it’s available for Kindle on Amazon.
summon demons

In the digital age

It’s so easy to get your hands on all kinds of books, whatever subject you might be studying, whatever interests you have, there’s something for you. Personally, I’m looking forward to Hannibal’s Cookbook.