Update 2020 | What’s Been Happening!

Sooo…it’s been a long one and yet somehow we’re only halfway through so I thought I’d do an update 2020. As you’ve probably noticed the rate of posts have slowed significantly over the past couple of months.

Now, as you’re aware the whole world has been dipped into a slow burn major incident and unlike any of the contagion/zombie/disaster movies, it largely involved shortages of things -everything from loo roll to fence paint- except free time for most people and incorrectly worn PPE.

But, due to landing a new job just before the lockdown, I’ve been working. And longer hours than expected to help with shortages of staff. So, whilst things are easing off a little and I’m getting to grips with being oh so very tired and achy all the time (I’m sure it will wear off eventually), the posts over the last few months have been about once a week rather than the three that you’re used to and for the foreseeable future could stay that way.

Update 2020 (I’m sure an upgrade might be more in order)

  • Self-published two books (see below) which are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited
  • 3 WIPS -a novella, a novel, and a screenplay
  • Drank even more coffee than last year (I suspect)
  • Watched a lot of movies and TV shows until more recently (there’s just not that much left to watch at the moment)
  • And attempted to stay present on social media -but again, the last three months have been a little chaotic

Bad Habit will be free to purchase on Amazon on the 13th & 14th of June so don’t forget to grab a copy 🙂

Thoughts on the New Normal

We’re in constant motion forwards, it’s ever-changing even when it seems like we’re doing the same thing day in and day out. So, for the time being my intention is to write one new post a week and when I have time additional posts. There will be no schedule, so I’ll post them as I’m done writing.

The email schedule will remain the same, and all posts from the previous week will land in your inbox on a Monday. So, if you’re not signed up and don’t want to miss a post now would be a good time to add your email to the list -you won’t get anything but the weekly roundup and very occasionally, if I remember to do it, an email to let you know when a new book has been released.

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Thanks for sticking with me, you guys are amazing and I love it when you share and like on social media, and hang around the site to read all the posts. I hope you’ll stick with me for more 🙂

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