UK Halloween Attractions 2016

It’s not just about giving out Candy

With Halloween swiftly approaching it’s time to look at the UK Halloween Attractions for 2016. Because who doesn’t want Halloween to last three whole days? Whilst it’s landed on a Monday – a scary story in itself- that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun over the weekend. A chance to get together with friends. Or take the kids out for a little something extra, that won’t interfere with their trick or treating.

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So without further ado, I give you, the UK Halloween Attractions


The Real Jekyll & Hyde

a terrifying journey into the darker side of human nature

Depraved characters from Scottish history, the real Jekyll & Hyde inspiration, and a dark determination to scare the pants off you. With year round attractions, this Jekyll & Hyde event is just for Halloween – but be warned: tickets sell out fast, so book now!

North East England

Scream Factory

Twilight Tour: for ages 3 and up. Will give guests a gentle experience of  wickedly good Halloween fun.

Extreme Tour: for ages 14 and up. A far more sinister event and only for the most brave adventurers.

North West England

Scare Kingdom Scream Park

If you’re a thrill seeker, courageous, or daring, this scare attraction could be the one for you. Exhibits with minds of their own, a haunted house, experiments gone wrong, and a Secret Satanic Society, are all ready and willing to chase you down the dark corridors of terror.

Yorkshire & Humberside

Yorkshire Scare Grounds

Deep in the forest of freaks you’ll find some very scary clowns….or they’ll find you! Or if clowns aren’t your thing, how about spiders, mutated spiders?

UK Halloween Attractions 2016

East Midlands

Dr Frights Halloween Nights

Given how much we all like horror movies, what better than total immersion? Five mazes all dedicated to different eras of horror and a Bates Motel Bar to watch others being scared when you’re done screaming. What could be more fun?

West Midlands

The Haunted Castle

Warwick Castle is open throughout the day so all ages can experience some Halloween fun. Then after dark the real scary stuff begins. With the Horrible Histories maze, The Witches Tower, Trebuchet Fireball, and the Fire Joust, there’s something for all ages.

scare attractions


Phobophobia – The Ventriloquists Nightmare

Running until Monday the 31st of October. With shows between 6pm and 10pm, this event is for over 16’s only. Very little is known about the event before you get there. So you have no real idea what to expect. With great reviews this one looks sure to terrify even the most die hard horror fan.

South East

QuExtreme Terror

Through forest, maize field, and woodland trails you’ll experience a spine tingling adventure. Maybe you’ll make it out in one piece. Are you brave enough?

South West

FEAR at Avon Valley

Phobia, Purgatory, and Anarchy Live, are this years brand new experiences. As well as a fire show, stilt walkers, and a shootout experience. Bars, music, and food, make this a night out to be remembered.


Terror Mountain

Just outside Aberystwyth this fright fest offers four live action horror attractions to terrify you this Halloween. Just check out the screams below!

Back in my Day – sorry, had to

I don’t know about where you live but up North we have a rule: If the porch/hall light is off there’s no candy. Sadly, there are now actual posters to put in windows to let callers know you’re not giving out candy. And of course, the yearly warnings about Mischief night – crime and vandalism are not mischief- are doing the rounds. I remember when you went out dressed in an old bed-sheet. Carrying a carved turnip (those things are deceptively heavy) and pretty much trick or treated your own street. I don’t think we had so many UK Halloween Attractions back then, although I do remember one walk through nearby woods at a nearby forest with monsters that appeared out of the trees. All I can say is, if you plan on knocking on my door this year, don’t come dressed as a clown! There will be no candy for you.


P.S. This is by no means an all inclusive list of UK Halloween Attractions and if you know of one, are running one, or have visited one, let us know so everyone can enjoy them. If you tweet them at me @katetrinity or @AuthorKTMcQueen I’ll share them to let more people know 🙂