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Such a long wait but well worth it. Engaging, exciting, and dark, The Witcher is appealing to many audiences (seriously, you would not believe the people I’m hearing talking about this one). From a series of books and a game that many are familiar with I thought there might be a chance that to those of us less familiar it might not be as interesting as I hoped. But I needn’t have worried.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

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Struggling to find his place in the world, a solitary monster hunter takes coins from villagers to deal with their monster problems. Getting himself involved with people who prove themselves more wicked than the beasts he fights.

Starring  Henry Cavill (Superman, Mission: Impossible -Fallout), Freya Allan (The War of the Worlds, Into the Badlands), Anya Chalotra (The ABC Murders, Wanderlust), Mimi Ndiweni (The Legend of Tarzan, Cinderella), Eamon Farren (Chained, Winchester), and MyAnna Buring (Twilight: Breaking Dawn, The Descent).

The Witcher Review

The Witcher Review Conclusion

Gonna need that next season real soon Netflix! – Loved the visuals, the darkness, the outfits, and the story. As I haven’t played the game or read the books I had few expectations based on this. With monsters and magic, this eight-part series had me engrossed from the beginning. There were, however, a couple of little niggles. Firstly, those timelines got a bit confusing with no real indicator that it was different to what had come before other than an alive person who was pretty darn dead just a few minutes previously. And secondly, there was definitely not enough episodes. Gonna need more, please.

4.5 Stars

And it looks like, according to IMDb, that there will be a second season coming 2021, although there are no details yet.

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