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I wasn’t struck by the brilliance of The Stranger in the first episode, it was a cosy, comfortable family drama -or so it seemed. And then the crazy started happening, the Alpaca, the party, the stranger. There is an element of ‘huh?’ throughout this series and you adjust your focus and watch as it builds and builds and races towards the answers. The momentum building to things begin to unravel, if possible, even faster than the race for the answers was.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

The Stranger Review

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When the secrets of these suburban families start being used against them their comfortable lives start to unravel. Bit by bit, piece by piece -they should have left well enough alone. The Stranger knows their secrets and there’s a price to pay to keep them that way. Based on the novel (of the same name) by Harlan Coben, the series follows Adam Price played by Richard Armitage.

Starring Richard Armitage (Hannibal, Strike Back), Shaun Dooley (The Witcher, Gunpowder), Siobhan Finneran (A Confession, Happy Valley), Jacob Dudman (Medici, The A List), Brandon Fellows (Raised by Wolves, Upstart Crow), Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Killjoys), and Anthony Head (Buffy, Dominion).

The Stranger Review Conclusion

I would watch more:- The first episode didn’t immediately grab me and it took me a minute to figure out that the teens were college-age and not school age (like, why the hell can that kid drive!) but I’d heard good things about it and stuck around, so glad I did, it starts off at a normal speed for a drama of this nature and then just accelerates until the last couple of episodes where it accelerates again as the unravelling begins. Exciting and often not what you expected, this is a series to get stuck into.

4.5 Stars

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Moon by K.T. McQueen

A young woman with a promise to keep.
Another with a curse to lift.
And a werewolf looking for a new mate.
When Alice invited her friends, Sarah, Paul, and Dave to stay in her Grandmother’s Romanian farmstead they were expecting to take a break from studying and have a good time. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Alice was there but her friends didn’t need to be involved in that. And she could happily show them where her family was from. And the town where she had spent her summers without them ever suspecting anything.
But then they meet the hunter, the werewolves catch their scent, and Sarah reveals a secret that could end her friendship with Alice and spell disaster for all of them.

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