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A Netflix Original

True Crime documentaries are an enticing look into the events of a real crime, what the investigators discover, the pieces of the puzzle that have to be put together, and what really happens in the courtroom. Of course, there’s plenty missed out – it is made into a series after all, and dramatised. The Staircase is the latest Netflix original true crime offering and I dived in.

The Staircase – True Crime Documentary

When an authors wife mysteriously dies his life and that of his family are put under the microscope. Was it an accident or murder?

Crime novelist Michael Peterson was accused of murdering his wife after he found her seriously injured at the bottom of the stairs of the family home. This series covers the investigation and the trial.

But like its true-crime predecessors, The Staircase has a lot more to it than was shown in the documentary series. So if you would like to learn more about the case check out these links:


The Staircase
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The Staircase Review Conclusion

I would watch more: – An interesting case with a lot of evidence – but perhaps not all. For example, they talked about the pipe as the supposed murder weapon but there was no indication of blood spatter patterns on the ceiling that would have corresponded with such a weapons use. An interesting watch, a lot to take in, and you’ll have to draw your own conclusions – as the jury would have had to. And if you’d like to learn more there are a number of links above to get you started.

4 stars 

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