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A movie with barely a word spoken, A Quiet Place asks you early to understand how important it is not to make a noise. I sat down to watch it expecting one thing and got completely another.

A Quiet Place

In a world where dangerous creatures hunt by sound, two parents, Emily Blunt (The Girl on the Train, Edge of Tomorrow) and John Krasinski (Jack Ryan, The Office), do what they have to to keep their family safe. But when their eldest, Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck, Andi Mack), makes a kind-hearted mistake their youngest, Cade Woodward, attracts the attention of the monsters. The family live in silence as their third child, Noah Jupe (Wonder, Suburbicon), learns how to not only survive but help when things get dangerous.

A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place Review Conclusion

I might watch it again but it’s highly unlikely:– I was expecting something great given all the hype and fuss. What I discovered was something less. It was beautifully set, well filmed, and an intriguing idea. The baby could have brought so much more trouble to them but it was just so quiet and unused. I did love the idea that they had managed to survive, not only by scavenging from local shops but that they had a farm that provided food – so long as they could hand harvest it quietly and store it for the long term. But for me, it could have done so much more.

3.5 Stars

What can you eat that doesn’t make a noise? Yoghurt? Eggs? Noodles – just don’t laugh when they whip you in the face.

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