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Currently available on Netflix, The Perfection takes you on a crazed journey of friendship, bugs, twisted agendas, and a few missed notes. From a school for gifted musicians, two bright and tortured young women form a bond only one knows the secret to.

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When a former music student seeks out the current star, they form a relationship that has underlying problems. The former student is intent on saving her new lover and will go to any means to achieve her goals.

Starring Allison Williams (Girls, Get Out), Logan Browning (Dear White People, Hit the Floor), Alaina Huffman (Smallville, Supernatural), Steven Weber (Drunk History, Channel Zero), Molly Grace (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2), and Glynis Davis (Travelers, Stargate Universe).

The Perfection Review

The Perfection Review Conclusion

I probably won’t watch this again:- Well shot and with amazing scenes, this movie brought an edginess from the beginning. Loved the rewind, the bugs, and even the reason the bus had to stop. But right after it returned to the music school it started to lose me. It wasn’t quite hitting the right notes. And I felt like the second half had been tagged on to explain the first half.

Parts felt like overkill, the superhero focus on the main character’s eyes just before she went for the knife. Or the second amputation -which seemed like it would be unnecessary given the injury. And that very last scene…

It could have been so much more but I found myself not willing to go along with the choices they made.

3 Stars

Don’t eat anything that resembles bugs, or bugs. Or anything runny and yellow. Grab an amazon stick, whilst they’re discounted, and easily watch Netflix from your TV here.

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