The Passage, Tin Star, Nightflyers | January Roundup

How ya’ doing? January got you down? Not to worry, here’s some nice telly to cheer you up, have you checked out The Passage yet or Season 2 of Tin Star?

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January Roundup

TV Land:

  • Luther Season 5 – BBC One 1st
  • Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 – Syfy 2nd
  • True Detective Season 3 – Sky Atlantic (TBC)
  • The Gifted Season 2b – Fox 6th
  • Charmed – E4 8th
  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 – Netflix 1st
  • The Orville Season 2 – Fox 10th
  • Titans – Netflix 11th
  • The Good Place Season 3b – Netflix 11th
  • The Passage – Fox 15th
  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 – Netflix 18th
  • Suits Season 8b – Netflix 24th
  • Tin Star Season 2 – Sky Atlantic 24th

The Passage

So, I wasn’t going to watch The Passage, the few things I’d heard and seen hadn’t made me that interested. And I’m kinda bored of the whole zombie, virus, apocalypse thing. But then I rewatched this trailer and, well, I’m going to have to give it a watch. It seems a little more along the lines of The Strain. So keep an eye out for a review of this series.

Tin Star Season 2

I honestly didn’t expect a second season so this was a nice surprise. We left him lying in the snow, dying. How can he come back from that? I might have to rewatch the last episode before I start this new series but it looks like it’s gonna be just as good as the first.

In Cinemas for January 2019:
  • Backtrace – 7th
  • Stan & Ollie – 11th
  • Glass – 18th
  • The Mule – 25th

Release dates are not necessarily the dates they’ll show at your local cinema.

Looking Ahead

On TV for February 2019 in the UK:

Time to start thinking about the 14th, will you be spending it alone in front of the TV or together Netflix and Chillin’?

  • Bite Club – Alibi TBC
  • Nightflyers – Netflix 1st
  • Siren Season 2 – Syfy 14th
  • Dirty John – Netflix 14th
  • The Umbrella Academy – Netflix 15th
  • Flack – W 21st
  • Van Helsing Season 3 – Netflix 25th
  • Shadowhunters Season 3b – Netflix 26th
  • The Flash Season 5b – Sky One 27th

Movies for February:

  • Escape Room – 1st
  • Alita; Battle Angel – 6th
  • Happy Death Day 2U – 14th
  • Piercing – 22nd

Stars, Moon

KT Books Released in 2018

  • Stars
  • Moon

The second book, Moon, is the novella that began as a CryptTV/Inkshares entry, wanted to be a script and was entered in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition. Read the First Chapter here. Both books are now available for download on Amazon too.

This was a damn good read. The set up seems like it will be a little cliched ghost story at first, but then it turns into something else entirely… If you appreciate a quick read and a nice little twist, I highly recommend this introductory story to what is promising to be the start of an interesting new horror universe! I can’t recommend this enough. Buy it, enjoy it and bite your nails waiting for the next book in the series! – Derek C, NY

What say you?

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