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Coming to my attention just as I was wondering what to watch. Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse in this new BBC adaptation didn’t disappoint and I’m looking forward to the second part. One of Christie’s later novels, this two-part drama was written in the early 60’s and is richly flavoured with guilt and witchcraft.

**There may be spoilers ahead**

A series of sudden deaths, linked only by a list found in a dead woman’s shoe and which the detective holds, leads some to suspect that a trio of witches could be to blame. But is there a more reasonable explanation? Mark Easterbrook is on that list and, determined to find out why, he begins to investigate.

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Starring Rufus Sewell (The Man in the High Castle, Victoria), Kaya Scodelario (Spinning Out, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile), Sheila Atim (The Feed, Bounty Hunters), Madeleine Bowyer (Black Mirror, Britannia), Georgina Campbell (His Dark Materials, Krypton), Bertie Carvel (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Crown), and Sean Pertwee (Gotham, Elementary).

The Pale Horse Review Conclusion

I would definitely watch more of this! – Looking forward to episode two. Brilliantly cast with a host of familiar faces, The Pale Horse begins in a somewhat shocking way. But like all Agatha Christie stories, nothing is quite what it seems. Questions arise quickly from the characters and the viewer and you can’t help but wonder who is going to end up being behind it all. The settings are beautiful, the characters moving through them fascinating and I can’t wait to see more. This might be a two-parter but it would be amazing to see more Christie novels done in the same way over the coming year.

4 Stars

Part 2 on the way next Sunday on BBC1 -vol-au-vents wouldn’t be out of the question as you watch this.

The Pale Horse Review

Moon by K.T. McQueen

A young woman with a promise to keep.
Another with a curse to lift.
And a werewolf looking for a new mate.
When Alice invited her friends, Sarah, Paul, and Dave to stay in her Grandmother’s Romanian farmstead they were expecting to take a break from studying and have a good time. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Alice was there but her friends didn’t need to be involved in that. And she could happily show them where her family was from. And the town where she had spent her summers without them ever suspecting anything.
But then they meet the hunter, the werewolves catch their scent, and Sarah reveals a secret that could end her friendship with Alice and spell disaster for all of them.

What say you?

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