The Moribund | Work in Progress – Read the first 4 Chapters

When her very existence is threatened, The Moribund must put a stop to an inspired but misguided scientist trying to save his wife by summoning a Demigod to complete his work allowing the dying to body jump instead of facing death.

The Moribund - work in progress

The Moribund

The Moribund appears before Death as you take your last breath and offers you a deal. She can offer you the life you want, the life you dreamt of in this lifetime, next time around. A few changes to the Akashic records and she can put you in exactly the right place to fulfil your dreams. Of course, the hard work is still up to you but you are at least reborn with the idea of that perfect life already in your head. And those who made a deal with The Moribund know exactly what they are going to do in this life from a very early age.

Not everyone gets this offer. The Moribund is choosy about her food -most of the time. But without the possibility, well, hope that there will even be a next life or a hear after fades from the world.

And unlike most otherworldly beings, she existed before humans. She was not created by their need or their belief. Much like Death, she was always there. But she was there first.

Work in Progress

Plotted, planned, plagued by ideas, and in search of one or two still missing notes, The Moribund is forever creeping towards life. It is very much a work in progress and is, as of this writing on December 23rd 2018, about halfway written. So, if this story is of interest to you keep an eye on this page and my Twitter @AuthorKTMcQueen (where most un-newsworthy reports will appear as well as the major breakthroughs).

It is horror, and perhaps dark fantasy, but all set in this reality through a distorted lens -I’ll bring the monsters to you.

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