The Monster of Florence – Unsolved Crimes

Eight Double Murders

Between 1968 and 1985 a series of double murders occurred which the press attributed to someone they dubbed The Monster of Florence. During the nights of the new moons, couples camping or parking in the vicinity of Florence would become victims of a gruesome death.

The Monster of Florence

Loci & Bianco

On August 21st, 1968, in a small town just west of Florence, Barbera Loci and her lover Antonio Lo Bianco where shot to death whilst Barbera’s son slept in the back seat of the car. Initially, Barbera’s husband was charged with the murder and imprisoned but whilst he was serving his sentence further murders occurred with the same weapon. It could not be him unless he had an accomplice.

Gentilcore & Pettini

The teenage sweethearts, Pasquale and Stefania,  were shot to death and stabbed in a country lane on the night of September 15th, 1974. Having decided to spend some time alone together instead of in the club with their friends. Stefania’s corpse was found to have been violated with a grapevine stalk. She had 97 stab wounds. She and a friend had previously been followed by a strange man the police would learn later.

Foggi & Nuccio

Giovani Foggi and his fiance Carmela De Nuccio were shot to death and stabbed on June 6th, 1981. And again they thought they had found the killer, but alas, the young voyeur paramedic who had told people about the murders before the bodies had been found and arrested and imprisoned was once again exonerated when yet another double murder occurred. This time the killer went a step further and used a notched knife to remove Carmela’s pubic area. Was he beginning to perfect his MO?

Baldi & Cambi

Soon to be married, Stefano Baldi and Susanna Cambi were shot and stabbed to death in a park near Calenzano on October 23rd, 1981. And, as with the previous murder, Susanna’s pubic area was removed. Susanna had previously complained that someone had been tormenting and following her.

Mainardi & Migliorini

Another couple soon to be married, Paolo and Antonella, were shot and stabbed in Paolo’s car on the night of June 19th, 1982. But Paolo was not dead when the two were found and a reconstruction of events revealed that the killer had attempted to move the car to a hidden location but lost control and abandoned the attempt. Paolo died later in hospital but the police let it be known that he had managed to give them some information beforehand in an attempt to flush the killer out.

Mayer & Rüsch

Wilhelm and Jens were celebrating a scholarship with a trip through Italy when they were shot to death in their car on September 9th, 1983. It is suspected that, with his long hair, Rüsch may have been mistaken for a female. They had been travelling in a VW camper, a higher car than the previous victims. Leading police to believe that the shooter was at least 5ft 9″, they also suspected that this murder was a copycat. Someone trying to get the suspect, Vinci, off.

Steffanacci &  Rontini

Claudio and Pia were sweethearts, shot and stabbed in Claudio’s car whilst the couple were parked in woodland on the night of July 29th, 1984. Pia had her pubic area and left breast removed. Again there was a conversation recalled from before the event that a strange man had been harassing Pia whilst she worked. And that they had been followed whilst in the ice-cream parlour. This crime confirmed the killer’s height and that he was right-handed because of how he had positioned himself whilst committing the crime. A knee print and hand print were found at the scene.

The police offered a reward for any information that led to the capture of the monster and used posters and postcards to warn tourists not to go into the hills at night.

Kraveichvili & Mauriot

Jean and Nadine were lovers from France on a camping holiday in Italy. On September 9th, 1985, Jean and Nadine’s decomposing bodies were found. Nadine was shot and stabbed to death in their tent and her corpse mutilated. Jean was killed as he tried to escape, the first attempt resulted in a shot to the wrist requiring the monster to give chase and catching up with Jean in the woods slicing his throat. The killer sent a taunting note and a piece of Nadine’s breast to the state prosecutor. Jean and Nadine were the last kills of The Monster of Florence.

But what of ’68

The police received an anonymous letter. Suggesting they look again at a previous shooting and made an interesting connection. The weapon used was the same .22 that had been used in the double murders. They knew the bullets were from the same gun. The weapon left distinctive markings on the casings due to a defective firing pin. But they did not have the weapon.

The Monster of Florence Suspects

It seems that the police had few real leads. Intent on focusing at first on the gang connection and later suggesting it was Satanic Cult related. Witnesses got ignored, evidence mishandled, and police powers abused. Suspects were arrested, charged, imprisoned, and released as another double murder was committed or other evidence uncovered. And the list of The Monster of Florence suspects was a long one:

  • Stefano Mele -Barbara Locci’s husband
  • Salvatore Vinci – Lover of Barbara Locci
  • Francesco Vinci – Lover of Barbara Locci, brother of Salvatore
  • Giovanni Vinci – Lover of Barbara Locci, brother of Francesco & Salvatore
  • Antonio Vinci – Son of Salvatore
  • Enzo Spalletti – Peeping Tom
  • Mario Vanni – Retired Postman
  • Giancarlo Lotti – Vagrant
  • Pietro Pacciani – in ’51 killed his girlfriend’s lover, raped her & then the corpse. Convicted of seven out of the eight couples in ’94 but it was overturned.
  • Francesco Narducci – Doctor & Professor
  • Francesco Calamandrei – Pharmacist

The Monster of Florence Profile

In 1989 a profile was made by the FBI’s BSU (Behavioural Science Unit). Which said the Monster was likely around 40-45 years old, sexually impotent, right-handed, of average intelligence, a manual labourer with his own car. The profile went into more detail but was never included in the investigation.


In August 2001 it was reported by The Guardian that the case had been reopened, inquiries would take place and they had new suspects. And by The Italian Insider last year (2017) that there was a new 87-year-old suspect.

The Monster of Florence is said to have inspired the Thomas Harris novel, Hannibal.