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Sensory and twisted

The Forest stars Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney. Set in the Aokigahara forest, otherwise known as the Suicide Forest because of the number of people who go in there to commit suicide. Once used as a way to relieve the burden on families by taking the elderly or sick into the forest and leaving them to die. When her twin sister, Jess, disappears into the forest Sara goes to look for her. Convincing a man she met in a bar and a tour guide to go with her things go from weird to weirder.

This film has intrigued me since I first saw the trailers and I’m glad I finally got around to watching it. The mixture between the locals belief in the spirits and Sara’s disregard of them in favour of focusing on her search for her sister, coupled with her lack of Japanese, put you slightly on edge on her behalf. The locals have got to be right, right?

The moments of intense sensory perception seemed a little strange at first but then you realise it’s the forest beginning to twist itself into her mind. Soon you have no idea who to trust or who is even real. I wasn’t expecting the ending at all.

The Forest

The Forest Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – The Forest was a pretty decent film, a twisted horror movie set against beautiful scenery. Whilst I wasn’t particularly scared by it, it was intriguing enough to keep me engrossed and guessing.

4 stars 

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