The Dyatlov Pass Incident | KT Review

A mockumentary-style horror movie based on a real incident that happened in the Dyatlov Pass. An interesting case where a team of nine scientists went off on a hiking expedition in the Ural Mountains in February 1959. They set up camp in the area now named for their leader Igor Dyatlov and during the night something disturbed them enough to cause them to flea their tents. Underdressed for the sub-zero temperatures, their bodies were found two months later. And an investigation was undertaken. It is still unclear what happened. Was it Aliens, a secret military operation, a Yeti? No one knows for certain.

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A group of students go into the Dyatlov Pass with the intention of making a documentary and maybe finding out what happened to the nine scientists whose bodies were found two months after their own expedition. Things start to go awry whilst they’re in the pass and they discover more than they bargained for.

Starring Holly Goss (Doctors, Casualty), Matt Stokoe (Bodyguard, Outlaw King), Luke Albright (Burn Notice, Monumental), Ryan Hawley (Emmerdale, Titanic), Gemma Atkinson (Hollyoaks, The Sweet Shop), and Nikolay Butenin (The Duelist, The Fool).

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Review

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Review Conclusion

An interesting watch:- It keeps moving forward, there’s always something happening even if it’s the slow hope that a couple of them might get together. There’s almost a sense of it going to end too soon. I thought they were a bit unfeeling about the loss of the first of their group and then things got a little chaotic and strange. Leaving another behind in an attempt to escape they start finding stranger and stranger things. Until finally…oops almost gave the ending away. A strange but entertaining watch.

4 Stars

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