The Descent Part 2 -Back into the Caves | KT Review

I love, love, loved The Descent so when The Descent Part 2 turned up on Netflix I had to give it a watch. And with familiar faces, and familiar monsters, it was a lot of fun -if not quite as exciting and scary as the first film.

The Descent Part 2

Finally out of the caves and getting medical attention, the sole survivor of their spelunking expedition is having difficulty convincing the authorities about what happened. And is forced back into the caves in search of her missing friends. It isn’t long before her story becomes very believable indeed.

Starring Michael J. Reynolds (Leap Year, Blown Away), Shauna Macdonald (The Descent, Filth), Douglas Hodge (Red Sparrow, Black Mirror), Josh Dallas (Thor, Once Upon A Time), Anna Skellern (Siren, Solitary), and Natalie Mendoza (The Descent, Hotel Babylon).

The Descent Part 2 Review

The Descent Part 2 Review Conclusion

I might watch it again:– It’s bloody and gory, messy and dirty. There’s a lot of blood spurting in mouths and necks being bitten. But I think the story, and some scenes, were lacking a little in believability which kept me from getting really into it as I did with The Descent. A fun watch¬†and the monsters were just as creepy as the first time around but not quite up to the first movie.

3.5 Stars

There’s a strong possibility you will want something vegetarian in nature for this one. Perhaps tomato soup with a few chunks of crusty bread.

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