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The Conjuring 2 is pretty good!

The Conjuring 2 is another of Lorraine and Ed Warren’s cases which sees them travelling to London at the behest of the Church. They are simply there to validate the claims of the Hodgson family before the Church can get involved. Starring, amongst others in this great cast, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, and Madison Wolfe.

It’s an interesting beginning to The Conjuring 2, love the way you’re seeing Lorraine’s astral form looking at her corporeal form as she experiences the first investigation in this movie’s spirit activities. This linking of the demon entity from that house – the Amityville House- to the house in London seems a little weak, as if there should be more to that part of the story than there is. Perhaps the spin off movie about the Nun will explain that?

I did feel like this film could have gone a little deeper. And I don’t know what the hell was going on with the room sizes. From outside of the house it was a regular British street house, inside it seemed twice as broad as expected. It just kept throwing me out of the story – like, the sofa looked tiny in the living room, or the layout of the bedrooms didn’t seem right. Silly little things that probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much if I hadn’t already watched the TV mini series The Enfield Haunting – which was really good if you haven’t seen it (and doesn’t involve Ed & Lorraine).

But despite all that I enjoyed it. And would happily watch another movie of Ed and Lorraine investigating another case.

The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 2 via IMDb

The Conjuring 2 Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – I enjoyed The Conjuring 2 despite the room sizes and the weak demon story-line.

3.5 stars 

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