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He’s right, even when presented with the truth the majority of us would still claim it as fake. Purely because it’s just too hard for our brains to accept it. The Blackwell Ghost is a documentary style film with a lot of equipment we see in ghost hunting shows and a lot of creepy occurrences. Is it real? Let’s watch and see, shall we?

The Blackwell Ghost

In an attempt to prove ghosts are real, a filmmaker sets up his equipment in a reportedly haunted house but soon begins being terrorised by a ghost with a dark past.  And according to Amazon Prime’s about this movie section: ‘An authentic documentary with actual ghost footage caught on camera.’

The Blackwell Ghost
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The Blackwell Ghost Review Conclusion

I would watch it again: – This was a fun watch, The Blackwell Ghost had some peculiar habits, and I got rather engrossed waiting to see what would happen next. I didn’t much care whether it was real or not. But then…

…The picture of the house on the microfiche – when inverted, clearly showed the trees. Then on the current picture of the house, from a slightly different angle, the trees were the same -same height, same branches. They would not be exactly the same if the first image was from 1941. But he’s right, you can’t deny he’s in the same house.

But still, a great watch despite the occasional inconsistencies. I’ll let you discover them for yourselves (yes, one or two can be put down to editing).

4 stars 


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