The Alienist – He needs to feed his hunger like an addict

Ever felt alienated from your own nature?

Felt like I was waiting for The Alienist for the longest time. But now it’s on Netflix so I got stuck right in. With it’s late 1800’s setting, this show gives you a whole range of characters that are more than they at first appear on the surface.

The stories of each character are tightly wound around the main story of the serial killer, which the Alienist, artist, and secretary are trying to track down. Unfortunately, there are those within the police department and higher society who would prefer it if they focused their attention elsewhere.

The Alienist

A Criminal Psychologist, a Newspaper Illustrator, and a Secretary meet in the commissioner’s office. And set out to apprehend a serial killer who is murdering boy prostitutes.

Starring Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Basterds, Captain America: Civil War), Luke Evans (Dracula Untold, Fast & Furious 8), Brain Geraghty (Flight, The Hurt Locker), Douglas Smith (The Bye Bye Man, Ouija), Matthew Shea (The Boy Downstairs, Mistress America), and Dakota Fanning (Man on Fire, The Runaways).

The Alienist
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The Alienist Review Conclusion

I will watch it again – Whilst it took me a couple of episodes to get to grips with what was going on it kept me watching, and wondering. With each episode, something a little bit more disturbing comes to light and guides you gently down a rabbit hole.

4.5 stars 

When to watch it: A couple of episodes a day is a great way to watch this show. Or slowly over a weekend.

What to watch it with: a large glass of Whisky

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