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Wildling is a film I hadn’t heard much about. But when I stumbled across it my first thought was hidden gem. This was an interesting movie. The close cast members are very memorable and those in the wider community fill in the gaps. They’re there but they’re not as important to the emotional story. The movie feels enclosed within a small pocket of the world. Cleverly done.


Anna spends her childhood, Arlo Mertz, under the care of a man she calls Daddy, Brad Dourif (Deadwood, Seed of Chucky). He keeps her locked in the attic and gives her medication. Protecting her from a dangerous child-eating creature he calls the Wildling.

Anna, Bel Powley (A Royal Night Out, Mary Shelley), is freed by the town Sheriff, Liv Tyler (The Strangers, Harlots), and taken into her care. Where she meets the Sheriff’s brother, Collin Kelly-Sordelet (The Path, Radium Girls) who she befriends.

But soon she begins to change. One night, in fear of what she’s done, she runs into the woods. Where she meets The Wolf Man, James Le Gros (Mildred Pierce, Person of Interest). He who shows her where she can find out about her mother. There are those that want her gone and they will stop at nothing to make sure that happens.

Wildling Review

Wildling Review Conclusion

I would watch it again:– An enjoyable film. A girl, with no idea who or what she really is, taken from the man who she thought kept her safe is suddenly plunged into it as a teenager. School, friends, boys, hair in places there definitely shouldn’t be hair, and a complete look of innocence and trust. But nothing is as it seems and you find yourself engrossed in how it will play out. A very interesting film.

4.5 Stars

Burgers would be a great option with the Wildling. Big juicy meat burgers darkened by flame, with a little salad on the side.

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